183% increase in organic conversions
a month for the total fishing retailer

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Total Fishing Tackle

Total Fishing Tackle

Total Fishing Tackle is an established online fishing equipment retailer that sells everything from fishing tackle and equipment to bivvies, barrows, fishing clothing, and more. Their customers love them for their competitive pricing, fast delivery, and commitment to customer service.

The challenge

Embracing digital marketing for the first time

Amy Cook, Business Operations Manager at Total Fishing Tackle, was ready to make a big splash with the company’s online marketing. The online retailer had never invested in SEO, conversion optimisation or PPC before—and with the site converting organic traffic at just 1.05 percent, Amy knew there was serious room for improvement. But with her plate full of other responsibilities and no time to master digital marketing on her own, Amy needed an expert partner who could lead the charge.

the solution

A strategic multi-channel marketing campaign

After speaking with Bulldog Digital Media, Amy was convinced they were the right agency to partner with. From the outset, we emphasised the importance of building a rock-solid strategy. First, we analysed how the Total Fishing Tackle website was performing. They assessed the competitive landscape of the niche, conducting detailed keyword research to identify opportunities for Total Fishing Tackle to secure rankings for keywords with high purchase intent. During this research, then we also worked to identify relevant and active online communities across the web where they could earn backlinks and build brand awareness among qualified prospects.

Using this research, the specialists from Bulldog were able to hone in on a few core problems they needed to address:
  • The site was not optimised for search engines or conversions,
  • The company’s backlink profile was comparatively weak, and
  • The brand’s online social presence was underdeveloped.
To address these challenges, the team took the following actions:
First, we revamped the website’s onsite, content, and internal linking to improve both keyword rankings and overall conversion rate.
To fuel their link building and outreach efforts, we created a series of original, well-researched infographics they knew fishing audiences would find compelling.
We then conducted targeted, one-to-one outreach to online fishing communities and authoritative domains, earning powerful links whilst building brand awareness. That same content was shared across social platforms, building up a relevant following.
To drive buy-ready leads, we built, launched, and managed a comprehensive pay-per-click campaign that zeroed in on keywords with high purchase intent while continually refining ads to lower costs and maximise revenue.
the result

Massive increases in search presence, brand awareness, and conversions

Six months after enlisting Bulldog’s help, Total Fishing Tackle had already seen exceptional results. On the strength of the site’s increased visibility and improved onsite experience, monthly conversions from organic traffic increased by a whopping 144 percent. More broadly, the overall conversion rate on the website improved by over 53 percent, which drove a considerable increase in both sales and revenue. The website now gets 60 percent more organic traffic on average each month, and the company enjoys first page rankings for over 588 new keywords across a wide array of products. Amy is confident in her partnership with Bulldog, and they look forward to continuing to collaborate in the future.
“Bulldog set up our SEO and PPC channels, and they have both massively outperformed expectations. Our Google Shopping campaign is now bringing in more revenue than our email campaigns, and our top keyword search rankings have moved from over 100 to the top three.”
Amy Cook
Business Operations Manager

Award nominated campaign

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