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Approaching online reputation

  • Remove outdated search results
    Outdated, inaccurate and offensive content in your brand's search results are often the most destructive force impeding your business.
  • Correcting negative feedback or reviews?
    Had a string of negative reviews recently? Selling any product or service online while suffering from bad feedback is near impossible today.
  • Help with damaging press
    We know exactly how best to demote and suppress negative press. In a lot of cases, the key is to replace harmful media with controllable assets.
  • Public relations
    One of the most important ways your brand can improve the health of its online reputation is to produce an honest and effective public relations campaign.
“The team at Bulldog are always incredibly helpful and always on hand to answer quick or complex questions. They have consistently delivered impressive results, all of which we can track within the wonderful Bulldog Reports tool. I would happily recommend them to anybody looking to improve their SEO.”
Henry Collins
Operations Director

More on reputation management

Content marketing and branding play large roles in Reputation Management. We combine these efforts to create a powerful approach that also contributes majorly to SEO. The first thing we’ll do is work with you to build a solid understanding of your businesses values and how these serve it’s larger purpose. We’ll also perform a thorough audit of your existing online reputation. This will include an evaluation of your search engine rankings, your social media assets, profiles on other websites, blogs that talk about your brand or products, press/media articles, 3rd party sites and all reviews.

There’s no such thing as a quick fix in Reputation Management. We believe the best way to approach the current internet environment is to build a lasting and positive online presence that is constructed to stand the test of time. We always only follow ethical and robust techniques using the most contemporary measures and in line with all relevant legislation.a

There are a number of different ways your online presence and brand can be damaged online. Such as outdated content, this is always ranked poorly by the world's biggest search engines and negative content is never a good thing. The most experienced members of our team will work to locate and remove any negative content that could be diverting traffic and ruining your brand's online presence.

Negative reviews are one of the most common ways your brand can get hit. We’ll work with you to turn things around and create a customer feedback profile that shows your businesses best qualities in far better light. Our team includes experts in online sales, customer service and relationship management, so we’re more than ready to help get your brand's service reputation back into excellent condition. We also have years of experience working with highly influential PR experts, journalists and bloggers. We’ll leverage this expertise and develop a strategy to remove threatening and inaccurate publications. We’ll apply our wealth of experience in delivering meaningful communications that steer the perceptions of your target audience with maximum favour.

With every reputation management campaign, we ensure you are in the know. Throwing out a positive campaign through SEO or PPC is just half the battle. We’ll effectively monitor your website and online presence and identify any negative communication toward your brand. With this regular reporting, you’ll be in a position to protect your reputation long into the future. A stellar reputation can make the difference between a failing online presence and a thriving one. We have the tools to ensure your brand stays in a positive light, attracts more users, and has the best chance of continued success.  
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