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Prove what a trustworthy brand you are through HARO link building. We have access to thousands of journalists needing your expert opinion. The result? Boosted exposure and a credible link to your website.

How we use your expert insights to land publication links

Monitoring journalist enquiries

At Bulldog, we consistently monitor for relevant journalist queries, ensuring your brand is always in the loop for prime opportunities.

Curating opportunities with your nod

We identify and craft compelling pitches, but nothing goes forward without your approval, keeping you central to the strategy.

Securing your live links

Once approved, we engage with journalists, ensuring your brand’s voice gets the spotlight it deserves, establishing authoritative links.

Become an expert in your industry without the risk

Bulldog delivers on their promises, getting you coverage and results previously thought to be out of reach. Working with them has been a pleasure, like being part of a team. 

Daniel Collacott
Acquisition Manager

Pay only for live results

At our agency, we believe in tangible results. You’ll only be billed for live links, eliminating hidden costs and ensuring complete transparency.

Effortless PR management

Let us handle the intricacies of PR. Our hands-off approach means you can focus on your business, knowing your public relations are expertly managed.

Tailored publication targets

Have a dream publication in mind? We’ll strategise and endeavour to position your brand in those coveted spots, aligning with your aspirations.

HARO link building services


Newsjacking involves seizing the momentum from current news to market your brand. By integrating current events with your content, you elevate brand visibility. Perfect for companies in an industry with regular big news trends.

Reactive PR

Reactive PR is responding to media inquiries or current events related to your industry, ensuring your brand voice is present in ongoing narratives. Great for teams with experts that can regularly give out reactive based insights.

Help a reporter out (HARO)

HARO connects journalists with industry experts. By answering their queries, brands can earn high-quality backlinks and authoritative mentions. This strategy is ideal for those businesses that can often give journalists comments and data.

Publication links

These are backlinks from respected online publications which direct traffic to your site and bolster your site's authority. A must-have for those looking to boost brand exposure and organic growth.


This is the process of using the HARO platform to secure valuable backlinks and mentions, improving search engine optimisation as a result. Perfect for online businesses looking to drive organic rankings and traffic.

Link building

Link building focuses on acquiring hyperlinks from external sites to your own, a cornerstone strategy in SEO. Once again, perfect for online businesses looking to drive organic rankings and traffic.

Frequently asked questions

Want to learn more about how HARO can benefit your business? Browse through these frequently asked questions or get in touch with our team today.

HARO link building is a strategy where businesses respond to media requests on the HARO platform to secure backlinks and mentions from reputable publications, thereby boosting their brand’s online visibility and authority.

HARO stands for “Help A Reporter Out.” It’s a platform that bridges the gap between journalists seeking expert insights and professionals looking to share their knowledge and, in return, gain media coverage.

We target a wide array of publications through HARO, ranging from industry-specific journals to mainstream media outlets. The goal is to secure links from authoritative sources that resonate with your brand and audience.

We secure links across a multitude of niches, tailored to your ecommerce brand’s focus. Whether it’s fashion, tech, health, or any other sector, our strategies are designed to place you in publications that matter to your audience.

HARO link building strengthens your site’s backlink profile by gaining high-quality links from authoritative sources. This not only drives referral traffic but significantly bolsters your website’s SEO, improving its organic search ranking.

HARO functions as a bridge between journalists and experts. Journalists post queries seeking expert insights for their articles, and professionals, or agencies like ours, respond with valuable information. If the response meets the journalist’s criteria, it can result in a mention or backlink.

Absolutely! Your brand’s integrity is paramount. We ensure that all comments and content align with your brand’s voice and values. Every response crafted is submitted for your approval before it’s sent to journalists.

Costs can vary based on the scope of the campaign, target publications, and specific goals. We recommend discussing your needs with us directly so we can provide a tailored quote ensuring optimal results.

When choosing a HARO agency, consider their track record, expertise in your niche, and the quality of publications they target. An open line of communication, transparency, and a demonstrated understanding of your brand’s voice are also pivotal. At Bulldog, we pride ourselves on embodying all these qualities.

HARO link building results

Sharpening Pure Optical’s focus with clear-cut Amazon SEO, visionary PR, and precise Amazon ad creation.

Extending digital reach with publication links and solid digital PR, ensuring Cliphair’s online presence is a cut above the rest.

This was an easy choice for us to make and one we have not regretted! With their fantastic and creative content that showcased their skill and workmanship.

Elsebeth Hansen
Organic Acquisition Manager

Get featured in your dream publications


Newsjacking involves leveraging current events and trends in the news to generate media attention for a brand. By positioning a brand within these topical conversations, it can greatly increase brand visibility. Newsjacking supports reactive PR, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) responses, and publication links by providing timely and relevant content. Ecommerce businesses can utilise this to stay relevant, drive brand engagement, and tap into new audiences. This approach assists in achieving goals like brand awareness and enhanced audience reach. Our team excels in identifying current news trends and seamlessly integrating ecommerce brands into these narratives, ensuring their timely and relevant presence in the digital space.

Reactive PR

Reactive PR is the act of responding to ongoing events or feedback in real-time, positioning a brand within ongoing industry or global discussions. It complements newsjacking and HARO efforts, allowing brands to be responsive and engaged. For ecommerce brands, it's a chance to showcase agility, keeping them top-of-mind and demonstrating industry relevance. This leads to increased brand engagement and potential customer conversions. We thrive on its ability to swiftly respond to market movements, ensuring brands maintain a proactive and involved digital presence.

Help a reporter out (HARO)

HARO is a platform connecting journalists with industry experts. By responding to media queries, brands can secure valuable media mentions and backlinks. HARO supports publication links and reactive PR by offering a direct channel to journalists. Ecommerce businesses benefit from this by establishing authority in their field and obtaining high-quality backlinks. This tactic propels online credibility and organic search performance. Our agency, with its deep understanding of the media landscape, crafts compelling HARO responses, maximising the chances of gaining high-quality media exposure for brands.

Publication links

Publication links are about securing backlinks from esteemed publications or news websites. These authoritative backlinks boost a site's credibility and domain authority. They intersect with HARO SEO, newsjacking, and reactive PR, amplifying content visibility. For ecommerce companies, these links drive relevant traffic and build consumer trust. Achieving improved organic search rankings and establishing industry authority becomes possible. Our rich network with premium publications ensures brands gain exposure on influential platforms, enhancing their digital footprint.


HARO SEO focuses on leveraging the HARO platform specifically for search engine optimisation benefits. Through expert responses, brands can acquire authoritative backlinks, driving website authority and rankings. It works in tandem with link building and reactive PR, generating high-quality backlinks. Ecommerce businesses can elevate their search engine visibility, directing more organic traffic to their platforms. This supports the broader goal of enhanced organic growth and increased sales. We stand out with its dedicated approach to HARO, ensuring every response is not just accurate but optimised for maximum SEO value.

Link building

Link building is the strategy of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to one's own site. This is foundational for improving website authority and search rankings. It ties in with HARO SEO, publication links, and newsjacking, collectively fortifying a brand's backlink profile. Ecommerce platforms benefit immensely, seeing improved organic traffic and sales conversions. This endeavour aids in long-term goals like domain authority boost and sustained organic growth. Our robust link-building strategies, combined with its vast industry connections, guarantees that brands develop a strong and healthy backlink profile.

Similar services

Digital PR focuses on building an online presence through networking with journalists, bloggers, and influencers, often targeting online publications and social media. While it encompasses a broader strategy than HARO link building, which targets specific media requests, both are about securing quality online mentions and backlinks.

Link building involves creating strategies to gain high-quality inbound links to a website, improving its search engine rankings. It’s more general than HARO, which is a specific tactic within the link-building universe. However, combined, they form a robust backlink strategy for any website.

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to attract and engage a defined audience. While HARO link building places your brand on external platforms, content marketing focuses on your platforms, like your website or social media. Used together, they can amplify your brand’s reach and reputation.

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