12 of the funniest brands on social media

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12 of the funniest brands on social media

When it comes to social media, we make decisions to follow accounts based on the content they produce. This could be for a variety of reasons; for education, entertainment, inspiration, news, and so on. While some brands stick to their serious business personas, many use comedy to attract attention online. Hilarious content is shareable content, making it the perfect tool to boost brand reputation. Judging by their large social followings and excellent responses, it’s safe to say that adding a comedic twist to your online persona certainly works.

Here are 12 brands who have absolutely smashed their social media marketing and portrayed themselves in an excellent light with the help from their humour. We had a good laugh finding these – enjoy!

Taco Bell

Taco Bell have always had a strong sense of humour when it comes to advertising, so it’s no surprise that their social media follows the same route. Focusing mainly on Twitter, the brand has over 1 million followers enjoying one-liners, witty responses and cleverly constructed images. Here’s some of their recent work which we are loving:


The famous bookseller Waterstones have been making people from all over the country chuckle recently. The Tottenham Court Road store account has found it’s place in the Twitter-sphere with quirky jokes and bizarre story-telling.


Innocent are famous for their yummy smoothies, but if you stumbled across their Twitter one day, you’d never know. In fact, Innocent seem to find any excuse to tweet, and with over 200,000 followers, they’re doing it right. Whether it’s talking about the latest Bake Off Episode or sharing random tips, Innocent are creating a whole lot of shareable content with their humour.


Described by Forbes as “Unbelievably dumb stuff that’s blow-milk-out-your-nose funny”, Wendy’s content is simple yet effective. With a whopping 2.8 million followers, Wendy’s constantly posting fresh content, focusing on fun videos and silly polls.


Netflix became a worldwide meme without even having to do anything (yes – we are talking about Netflix and Chill), so of course, they jumped at the opportunity to play on this. If you head to their Twitter, you will find lots of epic quotes from their shows, funny ‘teen-like’ responses to users and much more. No one reminds you to watch more shows than Netflix themselves.


You just have to look at the Skittles branding to know they’re portraying a fun vibe, so their silly social media presence doesn’t come to much surprise. Their tweets might not make much sense nor urge you to buy their product, but they’re certainly smashing it at being both humorous and friendly. Here’s a prime example – don’t worry, we don’t understand either…

And here’s another…

Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile. It’s not the most exciting brand name, nor for the most exciting service. However, people LOVE to rant and complain on social media, and Tesco Mobile took this as an opportunity to fight back with the power of humour. It’s unlikely that all 82,500 followers are actually on Tesco Mobile, but in the midst of customer services responses, there are plenty of gold tweets which make Tesco Mobile worth the follow. People even beg for a follow from them, but of course, you gotta work for it….


KFC’s already winning the humour game before even posting content. Following just 11 ‘herbs and spices’ (five members of the Spice Girls and six men named Herb), you can tell that KFC thought long and hard about how to promote their food in a quirky way on social media. Their interactive and engaging content spreads the word about new products and deals – and fast, too. Genius!


If you live in Britain, then you’ll be very familiar with a good old Greggs sausage roll. We’re not sure why the majority of Brits are so obsessed with the Greggs chain, but it’s become a meme in itself and one that the brand plays up to massively. We’re excited to see what they’re going to do around Christmas time, considering 2017 welcomed a ‘Merry Greggmas’ advent calendar to the mix.


Marketing toilet paper can be a very difficult task – how on earth do you get people to buy your product without getting too graphic? Well, check out Charmin’s social media channels. With a very successful #TweetFromTheSeat hashtag, there is clearly no taboo topic that can’t be smashed. There’s no shame amongst Charmin’s 81,000+ followers! We love it when brands help each other out online – looks like Burger King and Charmin are a dynamic duo. Clever.


Oreo’s social media accounts are a prime example of using trending topics to make viral content. Even when the trending topics have no relationship whatsoever to what Oreo has to offer, they somehow find a way to make it work. With a fun graphic for just about any topic you can think of, Oreo are slaying their marketing game.


MoonPie’s social media manager has become pretty famous and we can see why, with daily witty tweets that cleverly mention their famous snacks all while being hilarious. In fact, it took us a very long time to find an example to show you as they’re all comedy gold. Seriously, check out their tweets if you have a spare, well, hour.

What can we take away from this?

So, through the power of humour, these big names have successfully spread brand awareness and increased sales because of it. If you’re looking to start adding comedic value to your brand, then start with a few amusing tweets that’ll make readers laugh. Try and make these as relevant to your product/service as possible. Be original, and most importantly, be relatable.

It’s safe to say that the stranger your posts – the better! Oh, how social media is a weird and wonderful place.