SEO Trends in 2024: Align Your Content Strategy For Maximum Visibility & Leads

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Google is constantly introducing changes to its algorithms, leaving SEO experts to change their strategies to keep up with the trends. Now, it’s impossible to know and follow all trends, but understanding and implementing the most important ones can help businesses adjust their SEO strategy accordingly.

In this article, we will explore the key trends expected to impact SEO strategies in 2024 and provide insights on how businesses can align their content strategy to maximise visibility and generate valuable leads.

AI integration in SEO

AI has taken the world by storm, finding applicability in all spheres of the internet, and SEO has not been immune to it. Jumping on the AI train as well, Google is implementing generative AI in their search engine. Search Generative Experience (SGE) provides AI-generated results for a variety of queries based on the Gemini Language model, and while it’s still experimental, it aims to provide users with clearer and more concise answers. 

This is not a Chatbot like ChatGPT, but rather an AI-powered result to a search query on Google, which, you might have noticed, is shown above the “normal” results. While it’s still in its early stages and only available to U.S. users currently, it will surely affect how users use the search engine and how websites are optimised to be featured on it. 

How to get ready

It is still too early to tell what this could mean for businesses relying on organic search, so it’s important to keep up with its development. Some potential actions include: 

  • Consider structuring content in an answer-question format
  • Structure content so it’s easily consumed by users, and scanned by Google
  • Monitor the featured results for targeted queries to identify patterns

E-E-A-T and content quality

Google favours high-quality content and regardless of the number of changes they introduce to their algorithms, this will always be true. In an article published in March of this year, Google described all of the ways they’re trying to reduce low-quality content which is created with search engines in mind, rather than people. 

With their new core updates, Google is focusing more on user experience, adding it to the mix of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Thus, we now have the E-E-A-T signals which are paramount in optimising your content for Google’s crawlers. 

How to get ready

The combination E-E-A-T is also known as Topical Authority, meaning a site is the go-to source for a particular topic or niche. To showcase topical authority, consider strategies like: 

  • Creating clear, concise, and high-quality content about a specific topic and showing it’s created by people who are experts on the topic with first-hand experience.
  • Citing reputable sources and creating only factually correct, in-depth content 
  • Growing your reputation by consistently publishing high-quality content that will be shared by other reputable sites
  • Being transparent about the author behind the content, establishing them as experts on the topic in question

Mobile-first indexing and user experience optimisation

Google has officially made the switch to mobile-first indexing earlier this year, and it’s no longer an “if” businesses should have a mobile-optimised site, but rather a must. It’s been years in the making, but Google now prioritises websites that are optimised for mobile devices and is slowly reducing their desktop crawlers to conserve resources. 

This means that you’re required to have a mobile-friendly site in terms of page loading speed, design, and overall functionality to improve your site’s ranking and reduce the mobile bounce rate. Creating a positive user experience might entail changing the entire front-end and back-end of your site; consider options like react SEO friendly framework that offers seamless UX.

How to get ready

In order to get ready for the mobile-first Indexing trend, the site must be optimised in all aspects to provide a positive user experience. Here are some actions you could take: 

  • Optimise the site’s design and interface for mobile browsing
  • Ensure all of the buttons and links are big enough and touch-optimised
  • Improve the page loading speed and responsiveness, if necessary

Backlinking and domain authority

Backlinks are important for SEO, and high-quality ones, there’s no question about it. Domain authority used to be all about the amount of links, but now it’s all about topical relevance. This is not to say that backlinks are no longer important but it is important where they’re coming from.

 All links must come from authoritative and relevant sites in your specific niche for Google to consider you an expert on the topic. To check your site’s backlinks, or find new opportunities from competitor’s URLs, you can always use a backlink checker tool.

How to get ready

To increase your Topical Domain Authority, you should try relationship-based link building. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Leverage Guest Posting to bring in more relevant traffic
  • Create valuable content that would make other sites want to link to you
  • Reach out to sites that are relevant to your niche, and exchange links

Video content dominance

Video content has been dominating the majority of 2024, which raises many opportunities for marketers to use Video SEO to their advantage. People have been responding much better to videos, and Google has noticed, recently giving more YouTube and TikTok results for queries. You can leverage this surge of video content by creating a carefully thought-out SEO strategy to position your content to the right audience. You can use SEO strategies to get your content to rank on YouTube or the TikTok For You page, but there are also ways to get your videos noticed in Google’s SERPs. 

How to get ready

Video content is an important, yet often overlooked factor in SEO, but with the new trend of 2024, there are a few ways you can leverage it to improve your visibility. 

  • Implement a video schema to your content to give search engines the necessary information
  • Promote your videos on your social media channels and website 
  • Include transcriptions in your videos for accessibility, and easier crawling and indexing

Local search SEO strategies

Local Search has further evolved in 2024 and businesses are increasingly focusing on optimising their online presence to target local audiences effectively. By implementing SEO strategies that emphasise local keywords, geo-targeting, online reviews management, and more you can improve your visibility in local queries and attract nearby customers

However, one key trend that is set to make a significant impact is the integration of QR codes. Whether added to your storefront, or the back of your product’s packaging, these dynamic codes allow users to access information quickly and conveniently, making them a valuable tool for boosting local search rankings.  

How to get ready

Local Search SEO is getting richer with the latest Google Changes. Here are a few ways you can improve your local ranking: 

  • Update and optimise your Google Business Profile with relevant keywords
  • Use NAP (Name, Address, Phone) citations as much as you can to increase your chances of getting in the Map Pack
  • Use a QR code in your storefront and encourage customers to engage with your website

Final Thoughts 

Staying ahead of SEO trends is crucial for maximising your business’ visibility and valuable leads in 2024. By aligning your content with the latest changes in search engines and customer behaviour and keeping user experience at the forefront, you can better position your brand in the digital world. 

SEO is a steady race and involves a lot of trial and error, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Experiment with different tactics, use a variety of tools and adapt your content to algorithm changes to make sure it stays relevant and competitive. Most importantly though, make sure you write high-quality content that provides value to readers; nothing ranks better than that.

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