5 marketing tips and ideas for black Friday

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5 marketing tips and ideas for black Friday

Massive sales and relentless shopping; these are just two things that describe the chaotic day that is nearing, black Friday. And as we’re sure, your business is doing everything it can to prepare for the biggest money-making day of the year.

The Black Friday hype, that earns companies thousands, if not millions from ridiculous sales, is a day that every business, big or small should take advantage of.

To help you promote this cash-flowing day with sophistication and actionable marketing campaigns, we’ve compiled a list of 5 tips and ideas from some of the best promotional Ads out there.

Get ready for a frenzy of chaotic shoppers and intense sales.

1. Enticing emails


Every business will be sending out black Friday emails because email marketing is a great interactive way to promote. With this said, before you make an email campaign check out your own inbox.

  • How many emails have you received related to Black Friday?
  • How many of these actually stand out?
  • And more importantly, how many out of the ones that stand out, would you actually click on?

You’ll need to keep all of these questions in mind, so take notes! This is because you want to be one of the few emails that catch the eye. Going back to the most important question to ask yourself; would you click on your enticing email or throw it in your spam folder to never be seen again.

GIF’s for the win


The perfect example of a fun, enticing email is Forever 21’s previous year’s email, shown below. It’s a gif of a scratch card that reveals the deals one by one, creating tension and anticipation.




2. Create a gift guide


Creating an interactive gift guide is a brilliant way to allow easier, straight-forward shopping for your customers. Which in turn, will encourage interaction on your site and more sales.

Refinery 29, created a beautiful gift guide that allows customers to click options on what gift they require.



 3. Use Black Friday to promote new products


Offering brand new products on black Friday will excite customers and will make your site look fresh and up-to-date.

You can also add products that are exclusive to Black Friday so that people feel it’s urgent to buy the product or they won’t get the chance again. Or you can use black Friday to promote products that will be around all year long but are brand new. This example, from renttherunway, is one that is promoting the brands new app and it works seamlessly.

rent the runway ad


4. Hint some of the offers before the day


Add mystery and anticipation to your black Friday campaign by posting sneak peeks on social media channels.

Amazon did this wonderfully with an Instagram post captioning ‘The countdown is on’. Assuming the image is to do with the American holiday, Thanks Giving, which is just before Black Friday, it’s a great post.

amazon black Friday


 5. Get your designers on the job


A perfect way to show sophistication and stand out from the crowd is to get your graphics team to design a stunning banner, infographic, anything that will make viewers click on your site.

However, the last thing you want to do is to create a graphic that is busy and chaotic. You’ll need one that is clear, to the point and bold in its simplicity.

Check out this stunning banner on surfdome’s site.

surfdome banner














Good luck, we hope these 5 tips have been useful. Let us know what you’ve found has worked for your business on Black Friday, in the comments below.