5 of the greatest digital marketing resources from June 2019

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5 of the greatest digital marketing resources from June 2019

Find the best digital marketing resources online right now with help from our June 2019 roundup. June was another eventful month, and we’ve dug around to find plenty of industry updates and free resources. Below, you will find five of the highlights from the month. Just click on the titles to get taken to them. Enjoy!

Awesome SEO blogs to follow

Chosen by: Buzz Carter, Head of Outreach

We’re starting this roundup with a bit of blog-ception. At the beginning of the month, Joshua Hardwick from Ahrefs put together a guide full of 29 awesome SEO blogs to follow. What I love about this guide is that all of the blogs have been graded and ranked, meaning you can quickly decide whether the blog is right for you, without even leaving the page. There are a few obvious contenders within this, but there are also plenty which you may have never heard of before.

49% of all Google searches are no click

Chosen by: Dave Cable, Head of Operations

As Google begins delving into other business ventures such as travel bookings and food delivery, likeminded competitors may feel the wrath. A recent study has shown that in the first quarter of 2019, 48.96% of all U.S. Google searches ended without a click. This has risen 12% since the first quarter in 2016, suggesting that times are changing and businesses competing against Google may begin to feel the heat. George Nguyen from Third Door Media covered all of the important statistics perfectly in this article, so if you want the full rundown, click here.

Top e-commerce marketing tips to drive online sales

Chosen by: Andre Pierrie, Business Development Manager

Just like many other online industries, e-commerce is an extremely competitive one to be in. However, as more and more people discover the convenient world of online shopping, the revenue a business can make online is too great to ignore. In order to help e-commerce businesses which may be in a bit of a marketing rut, we’ve put together 14 all-important tips to drive sales online.

Helping businesses capture their identity with Google My Business

Chosen by: Lee Dobson, Senior Account Manager

On June 20th, Google announced that they’ll be making some changes to Google My Business, in order to make the experience more streamlined for both businesses and users. These changes included allowing businesses to have short URLs, cover photos, prominent logos and offline materials.

Free marketing resources and templates for marketing

Chosen by: Reece Dorrell, Design Manager

We love getting nosey with other marketers organisation efforts; it felt like we struck gold when we came across this resource with 308 free resources for marketing! This document covers a whole range of different tools and industries, so have a browse for your own and see what you find. In our opinion, it’s epic.