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7 effective link building tips for e-commerce websites

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7 effective link building tips for e-commerce websites

Link building will always be one of the most effective, yet challenging, parts of e-commerce SEO. It takes a lot of patience and thought-through strategy to build an ethical and valuable link building campaign, but strong links help to build up the authority of a website, leading to greater trust from Google and stronger rankings, meaning the effects are too significant to ignore.

Link building for e-commerce websites can be an enjoyable strategy to get involved with, as it gives you the chance to be super creative and test-run a variety of approaches. Unfortunately, there’s no step by step list which you can follow to have a successful link building campaign, but there are tips you can keep in mind to boost your chances of having a valuable link profile. This list is full of effective link building tips for e-commerce websites which can be applied to your strategy whenever you’re ready.

1. Run an active blog

Running a blog is excellent for SEO as it allows you to show off your industry expertise and rank an extra set of pages; bringing in more traffic to your website. As a result, this means that having an active blog will be fantastic for your e-commerce link building campaign, too.

When you start to promote high-quality content, other webmasters will begin to acknowledge you and use your content as references in their own posts. And, just like that, you’ve got a valuable link directing to your website. If you need a bit of a kickstart with this process, then ensure that you’re linking to great references within your own content; some webmasters may return the favour when the opportunity arises.

You don’t just have to rely on others to give you links, either. When possible, interlink to other relevant pages on your website within your blog posts. You can link to whatever page is neccessary and you’ll be helping Google to understand and index more of your site through doing so. It’s a win-win!

2. Put together insightful roundups

If you’re a keen reader of industry insights or have found some great pieces of content recently, then include them in either a weekly or monthly roundup. These roundups can be published on your blog and then promoted via newsletter and social media. Simply let the source know that you’ve mentioned them, and if they’re feeling up to it, they may share the roundup for you.

This technique won’t guarantee links, but the more roundups you get involved with, the more likely your chances are of getting shared and in the spotlight.

3. Create stunning visual content

Very few people would choose to read a word-heavy article over a visually appealing piece of content. With this in mind, present the information you want to promote in pieces of content like infographics and animations. Visitors will feel far more inclined to share the content around if they enjoyed their experience with it.

As well as enticing users, you can also share the visual content with webmasters to see if they’d be interested in promoting it on their own website. Just ensure that the content is both relevant and beneficial to them before asking.

4. Implement a FAQ page

We’ve touched on why e-commerce websites should have a FAQ page here – but how does having one help from a link perspective?

If you’ve based your FAQ page off a bit of background research, then you’re already well on your way to gaining some links. Simply check to see what your audience need answers to by using tools like Quora and Answer The Public, and then get to work on constructing valuable responses on your very own FAQ page. If you manage to secure a first-page ranking for a particular answer, or even hit the jackpot with a featured snippet, then you have a higher chance of being shared around on forums by users who found your response helpful.

Bear in mind that with this strategy you’ll only gain e-commerce benefit if you link to more important pages within your FAQ page. For example, linking your shoe product page when answering a question all about shoe sizes will help to steer visitors to make a purchase.

5. Learn from competitors

We’re not saying that you should attempt to duplicate all of the links which your competitors have (please, don’t!), but there’s no harm in seeing what they’re up to. By using a tool like SEMrush’s Backlink Gap Analysis tool, you can see where your competitors are earning links and gain an understanding as to how they’re ranking in better positions than you currently are.

With the help from this tool, you will be able to assess how fast-paced the competitive landscape is and implement a strategy which goes hand in hand with this. And, you’ll even have a few potential prospects to build relationships with…

6. Influencer product reviews

We’re tapping into the world of influencer marketing with this next point; an extremely valuable tactic for link building when in the world of e-commerce.

When it comes to promoting your products and gaining some links, product reviews are the best form of influencer marketing. All that you need to do is send off a PR package to your chosen influencer and pay them a fee to promote your product; whether that be via video, blog post, social media, etc. There are many tools which will help you to find a specific influencer and kickstart the process. If you want to gain a good link, then suggest that they post the review on their blog so that it’s there in writing.

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7. Highlight the special deals

If you’ve got a lot of inventory and frequently have flash sales and special discounts going on, then be kind to your visitors and put them all in one accessible place. Take Sephora, for example, who have a ‘weekly specials’ page dedicated to all of the available bargains.

By having all of these deals in one place, your page will become very attractive to bloggers within the niche and deal sites.

Need further guidance? No problem

These effective link building tips will be sure to keep you busy and boost the presence of your e-commerce website; meaning you can focus on sales and having a better business. Get in touch with us if you’d like further assistance with your link building efforts!

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