7 examples of brands that spread joy through festive homepages

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Your website is the ultimate epicentre of your business – when designed correctly, it will be a huge contributing factor to increased revenue and positive brand awareness. With more than four billion people using the internet and the average user spending 6 hours a day online, your business is missing some huge potential without a properly optimised site!

As the festive season is upon us, many brands have given their websites a bit of Christmas love. A well-designed festive homepage gives users that wonderful joyful feeling and can play a huge part in boosting sales when ecommerce. As digital marketers, we spend pretty much all of our time online, so have had the absolute pleasure of coming across some amazingly designed festive websites this December! Read on to discover some of our all-time favourites of 2018. 🎁


Pandora are known for class and elegance, so of course, this was going to be the theme for their festive homepage. With a minimalistic white and royal-red theme running throughout the site, Pandora cleverly promotes their 2018 Christmas range with a free gift up for grabs when a user spends £99 or more. The free gift is the first thing you see, which plays a very positive role in encouraging the user to spend £99+. Accompanied by clear Christmas cut-off dates to avoid disappointment, Pandora successfully proves that less content is more.


Next up (pardon the pun), is the well-known clothes and home brand, Next. We look forward to visiting this site each year, as it is an excellent example of festive marketing done properly! Next have redesigned every inch of their homepage for the festive season, using warm tones and fitting phrases such as ‘snuggle season’, ‘festive fair isle’, and ‘cosy christmas’ in their main banner. If you scroll a bit further down, you’ll be greeted with a lovely advent calendar and Christmas gift guide. They’ve got you covered, no matter who you are buying for!


Cadbury’s have introduced a brand new Secret Santa campaign this year and we are all for it. Essentially, Cadbury are encouraging users to buy their chocolate and spread Christmas joy far and wide. We are often faced with tight Secret Santa budgets, so Cadbury’s are giving you a perfect compromise loud and clear. Introducing a fun campaign is a great tactic for boosting sales, and what better time to spread joy than at Christmas? Heavily focusing on the famous Cadbury’s purple, their homepage is worth a gander.


Ah, Apple. The home of expensive electronics which are no doubt a ‘main present’ in the majority of households around the globe. Apple don’t particularly need a Christmas campaign – sales are guaranteed no matter what due to being so well known. However, it’s nice to see they’ve made a little bit of effort with their website at the most wonderful time of year. Oh, and by a little bit of effort, we mean it. A simple ‘gifts for Christmas’ section will do for Apple!

The Jewel Hut

The Jewel Hut have taken a similar road to Pandora, offering a free jewellery set when you spend over £125 this Christmas. Their site has had a huge Christmas makeover, providing you with simple navigation to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones. The use of the tagline ‘your style, your way this Christmas’, gives users a personal experience which is likely to enhance their purchase decisions.


Currys are known for being the UK’s largest electrical retailer, so of course, they were going to utilise the festive period to boost sales with deals that you can’t refuse. As Curry’s cater for a huge range of products, fitting both small and large budgets, we weren’t surprised to see that they had gone with a ‘gift guide’ to promote their Christmas bargains. The Curry’s website currently has it’s own Christmas Gift Guide section which will be sure to help you find something for everyone.

John Lewis

Can we mention Christmas marketing without mentioning John Lewis? The answer is no, we can’t! The marketing team at John Lewis have once again amazed us with their Christmas TV advert, but they haven’t stopped there. If you explore their website, then you’ll find a very sleek Christmassy design which highlights the amazing feeling that you get from gift-giving. John Lewis have a huge Christmas selection, and even have a whole section on their site dedicated to gifts inspired by their advert alone. Safe to say that this site is the perfect hub for all things Christmas gifts!

We hope that these website designs have inspired you – perhaps Christmas 2019 will be your websites time to shine!

Have you been amazed by a festive homepage recently? Let us know! 🎄

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