August 2019 social media holidays

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August 2019 social media holidays

Summer is in full swing, meaning our business social profiles should be promoting positivity and sunshine. With the help from this August 2019 social media holiday calendar, you’ll be able to add more personality to your profiles while showering some summer fun on employees. It’s a win-win!

Combine a few of the following ideas with your usual social media marketing plan and you’ll be ready for another month of awesome content.

Social media holidays in August 2019

Thursday 1st August: World Wide Web Day 🌐
Friday 2nd August: Beer Day 🍺
Saturday 3rd August: Watermelon Day 🍉
Sunday 4th August: Sisters Day 👭
Monday 5th August:
Tuesday 6th August:

Wednesday 7th August:
Thursday 8th August: Cat Day 🐱
Friday 9th August:
Saturday 10th August: Vlogging Day 🎥
Sunday 11th August: Sons & Daughters Day 🚸
Monday 12th August: Elephant Day 🐘
Tuesday 13th August: Lefthanders Day ✋🏼
Wednesday 14th August:
Thursday 15th August: Relaxation Day 💆🏼
Friday 16th August: Tell A Joke Day 😜
Saturday 17th August: Honeybee Day 🍯🐝
Sunday 18th August: Fajita Day 🌯
Monday 19th August: Photography Day 📸
Tuesday 20th August: Radio Day 📻
Wednesday 21st August:
Thursday 22nd August:

Friday 23rd August: Sponge Cake Day 🍰
Saturday 24th August: Strange Music Day 🎶
Sunday 25th August: Banana Split Day 🍌
Monday 26th August: Dog Day 🐶
Tuesday 27th August: Tug-Of-War Day 🎖️
Wednesday 28th August: Red Wine Day 🍷
Thursday 29th August:
Friday 30th August: Toasted Marshmallow Day 🔥
Saturday 31st August:

As always, there seem to be far more social media holidays occurring in the USA than the UK – but who’s to say you can’t join in on the fun? A content marketing strategy is vital for online success, and although you’ll still need a thorough plan in place, this calendar will provide you with some fun inspiration to mix things up a bit!