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Best blogs of December 2018

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Best blogs of December 2018

The digital marketing industry, in particular, is full of excellent content written by experts who know what they’re talking about. Due to having read so many amazing blogs recently, we have decided to do monthly blog roundups, so we can share pieces that will be beneficial to you. There’s no risk of wasting your time here! Here are some of the best blogs we read in December 2018.

85+ expert predictions for content marketing in 2019

This article is full of insights from the experts of content marketing, including what they expect is in store for 2019. This is a really interesting read for those looking to get some inspiration and stay ahead of the curve.

Why is it worth the read?

“It’s great to see the industries experts put together their views on what to expect from 2019. Not only is it great to hear their thoughts, but its also great for evolving how we do content marketing to keep up with the ever-evolving market. I definitely recommend giving this a read if you need some content marketing inspiration/want to stay ahead of the curve!”Ryan, Head of Design

An insight into the SEO world in 2019


Taking inspiration from the previous blog mentioned, our very own Buzz Carter gathered some of the brightest minds in the SEO world to talk about their thoughts on where the industry is heading in 2019.

Why is it worth the read?

“It was great to get a roundup of experts who were happy to provide their in-depth opinions on the state of SEO, including what trends they anticipate will shape the future of search marketing and how they believe you should prepare for these oncoming trends. Speaking to experts from an array of backgrounds really helped us to understand, and inform you, on where SEO is heading in 2019.”

5 mind-blowingly dumb things we heard at the Google hearing

In December, Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified in front of the US House Judiciary Committee. Many of the questions Congress asked left the SEO community shaking their heads and this blog post sheds light on some of the highlights.

Why is it worth the read?

“Now, you’re not exactly going to learn anything from this (except how inept government is when it comes to tech), but it’s a well-written article by Matt Southern, which will leave you laughing… or introducing your face to your palm”. Buzz, Head of Outreach

10 important 2019 SEO trends you need to know

This article takes you through 10 major SEO trends to watch according to 47 top experts. As you can see, with 2018 coming to an end, December was a month for round-ups and predictions. We love them! As always, it’s great to delve into the views of multiple experts to see where conventions lay and where differences start to show.

Why is it worth the read?

“A great read for anyone looking to get ahead of the SEO game for 2019. Search Engine Journal spoke to 47 experts and picked apart the 10 most important trends to expect in 2019. What I love about this article is the fact that they’ve summarised it for you, so you don’t spend hours searching to find your favourite comment.”Dave, Key Account Manager

How 6 brands stand out and get results from content marketing

This article provides you with excellent examples of a handful of brands who used different content marketing ideas to their advantage.

Why is it worth the read?

“Content marketing is extremely powerful when done correctly, and this article takes you through the promising stats that each brand generated from their content marketing efforts. It’s really interesting to see the different angles which each brand takes, and it will be sure to give you some inspiration for your next campaign.”Emily, Digital Marketing Executive

Google: year in search 2018

Google shares its top trending searches for 2018, focusing on the keyword ‘good’. Some great moments to be shown, less of the world cup though please, we’ve suffered enough! We love the positivity that Google take here, you’ll be sure to smile.

Why is it worth the watch?

“The power of search is incredible, and without Google, a lot of us wouldn’t have jobs or successful businesses. Although not a blog, Google’s release of the video ‘year in search 2018’ has given us all the nostalgic feels. Oh, how the world of search is wonderful!”Lee, Head of Strategy

Plenty of amazing blog posts were read amongst the whole team through December, but we hope you benefit from the ones we have listed above. It’s really interesting to see how quickly our industry moves, and we look forward to seeing which amazing pieces of content are waiting for us in 2019. Don’t worry, we will update you every step of the way, ensuring that we are all enriching our knowledge together!

Happy reading 📕