Bulldog enter SEMCup 2018

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Bulldog enter SEMCup 2018

SEM Cup 2018 is an Xbox One online FIFA 18 tournament open to all digital Search Engine Marketing agencies. In line with the 2018 World Cup to decide which SEM agency is truly world class.

This is Bulldog’s first year in the SEMCup and we have 2 teams entered into the tournament.

Bulldog Digital Media Team A – Back (Of The Net) Links Utd – Sweden

Our first team in the tournament consists of our amazing outreach team, we hope that they can score goals just as well as they score our clients’ amazing links. Bulldog Team A consists of 3 players.

Buzz Carter (Head of Outreach)

On the FIFA pitch I’m very hot & cold, I’m either off my game completely or one of the jammiest players alive, with no middle ground, hopefully, I show up to the tournament on good form to score some lucky goals and if it comes down to it, I’m always a solid penalty taker.

Ellis Burke (Digital Marketing/Outreach Executive)

Ellis is one of Bulldog’s most elite FIFA players having finished in 2nd place in the Bulldog Office FIFA league, with an eye for the goal if you give him space he can score goals from almost anywhere on the pitch and run the score up on you by continuously putting the ball past your goalkeeper.

Matt Sladden (Outreach Executive)

A new signing into the Bulldog FIFA world Matt brings in an amazing sense of skill & playmaking into the mix, good luck keeping your defender on whatever player Matt is controlling because he’ll bust out an amazing skill move, break your ankles & speed right past you.

Bulldog Digital Media Team B – Gary & The Shape Squad – S. Korea

In Bulldog Team B we have a mix of players, again this team is a 3 man squad, consisting of our Financial Director Gary & 2 members of our Design team. Let’s hope that Gary can cash in some goals, while the design team sketch up some game-winning plans. The roster for Bulldog Team B is as follows.

Ryan Toomey (Head of Design)

Having finished first in the last Bulldog office FIFA league Ryan is a FIFA player to be feared, with an amazing all-around game he can go goal for goal with anyone and absolutely demoralise opposing teams with his FIFA prowess. The only weakness in his game is that he can’t take penalties to save his life.

Gary Margan (Financial Director)

The veteran leadership on this team comes from our finance manager Gary, with solid FIFA fundamentals and an amazing eye for brilliant passes he can carve up opposing defences with pinpoint accuracy and bag assists all day.

Reece Dorrell (Lead Designer)

The final member of Bulldog Team B is Reece, when he has the ball you better watch your wings as he is well known for bombing down the far side to cross the ball into the box, he is a master at utilising pace and if you can’t keep up with him you better pray you can tackle him. He also rounds off the squad with amazing pedigree having finished 3rd in the last Bulldog office league.


As well as Bulldog there are a number of other fantastic agencies entered into this years SEMCup such as Screaming Frog & host agency upriseUP. Split into 4 groups playing as various countries from the 2018 World Cup here are the teams.

Group A

Uruguay – Go Up

Panama – Go Mungo SEO

Portugal – Vertical Leap

Morocco – Purple Imp (Team A)

Group B

Costa Rica – Selesti

Iceland – Purple Imps (Team B)

Japan – UpriseUp (Team A)

Nigeria – Screaming Frog (Team A)

Group C

Peru – All Response Media

Mexico – Screaming Frog (Team B)

South Korea – Bulldog Digital Media (Team B)

Sweden – Bulldog Digital Media (Team A)

Group D

Croatia -Vertical Leap (PPC Team)

Argentina – Overdrive Interactive

Belgium – UpriseUp (Team B)

Saudi Arabia – Social Stork UK


Now that the draw for the tournament has been done it’s time to crack on with the main stages of the tournament through the dates below.

Group Matches – 14th – 22nd June

Last 16 – by 29th June

Quarter Finals – by 5th July

Semi-Finals – by 10th July

Final – by 13th July

There’s everything you need to know about SEMCup 2018, make sure that you follow our Twitter & Instagram for match timings and we will also be streaming our games via our social media channels when we play so watch this space.