Our new video series: Behind the Bulldog

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Our new video series: Behind the Bulldog

If you’ve seen our most recent YouTube video ‘Behind the Bulldog: Episode 1’, then you might have a few questions which need answering. A few of the most common being: What actually is Behind the Bulldog? When’s the next episode? What should we expect from this series? Well, don’t worry, because everything is about to become very clear. With plenty more episodes being filmed and coming your way, it’s time to dive deep in to the beauty of Behind the Bulldog.

Behind the Bulldog is our very own YouTube series that allows you to look inside our fast-growing 22 person digital marketing agency. From office tours to educational talks to agency fun, you will get a hands-on experience and discover what life is really like at Bulldog Digital Media. Culture is taken very seriously here and is something we pride ourselves on, so it seemed silly not to share the ins and outs with all of you!

What to expect in the next few months

We aren’t joking when we say we’re only just getting started. With several videos already filmed and many in the works, you can expect a whole lot more to come in the following months. Whether you want to learn more about the search industry we work in or enjoy our fun culture, then we can guarantee there will be a video you’ll enjoy.

Here’s a little sneak peek to the aftermath of the Bulldog games!

Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and turn on notifications so that you never miss an episode. In the meantime, here’s episode 1 if you haven’t seen it already (or fancy watching it again). Just click the image to watch!