Bulldog’s favourite books

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Bulldog’s favourite books

Grab a cup of tea, a blanket and get cosy. After reading this you’ll have a list of new books to read. Let’s take a look at Team Bulldog‘s favourite books…


The 4-hour workweek – Timothy Ferriss

The 4-hour workweek aims to show readers how to cut down the hours you work while earning more money. Sounds like a difficult thing to achieve, but Ferriss makes it easy to accomplish, as long as you have the determination and motivation to succeed.

Crushing It – Gary Vaynerchuk

The Guys at Bulldog are big fans of Gary Vaynerchuk. The book Crushing it by Vaynerchuk is full of great advice pulled from his personal experience of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Ryan T

Helvetica: Homage to a Typeface – Lars Muller

“My uncle bought it for my 18th birthday, he’s a creative director who loves Helvetica. It really opens your eyes to the power of the font Helvetica.”


Human Acts – Han Kang

“A beautifully written book, translated from Korean. This book is incredibly powerful and tells the emotional stories of South Korean survivors of the (real) Gwangju 1980’s uprising. Each chapter switches to a different character’s point-of-view, which makes it a book full of individual stories that together build one horrific, devastating yet beautiful tale of a real-life uprising.”

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Ransom Riggs

“The tale of a young boy and the supernatural beings that roam this fantasy world unseen. Or at least unseen until his grandfather dies, which is when he begins his journey to uncover the truth.”


Bulldog's favourite-books-pharrell-book
Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve been – Pharrell Williams

“I really like the original lookbooks from Billionaire Boys Club and some of the interviews with famous people like Jay-Z. The pictures in the book give you a cool insight of when N.E.R.D were touring. Plus the section on Kaws is incredible.”


The Harry Potter series – J.K Rowling

This one doesn’t need a description – Harry Potter is many peoples favourite book series’, and for good reason!


Breeding Gazelles: Fast Growth strategies for your Business – Dan Bradbury

Breeding Gazelles is an insightful book that gives you advice on growing revenue and profit, while also saving time. It’s the perfect book for people who want to grow their business.


Lonely Traveller – Sereno Sky

The Hippies ultimate inspirational story. It takes you back to when a young man began his spiritual journey, discovering his hippie-nature during the 70’s – prime hippie time!

“The perfect read for those passionate about exploring the natural world and finding peace.”


The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway

An old man, a young boy and a giant fish – what more could you ask for in a book? Winning a Nobel Prize for literature, it’s safe to say this is a must-read for any literature lover.


5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth – Matthew Inman

Whimsical, informative and game-changing. This book is so much more than an excuse to (hypothetically) punch a dolphin in the mouth. What does the author have against dolphins, they’re adorable? DISCLAIMER: Please never punch such a beautiful creature in the mouth. But, you should definitely read the book.

Choke – Chuck Palahniuk

About a man who is struggling to pay for his mother’s hospital care, who figures out a deceitful yet genius plan to cough up the cash – quite literally.


The Shardlake Series – C.J. Sansom

Set back in the Tudor era, C.J Sansom perfectly captures the way of life back in those times. It’s full of suspense and ‘more-ish’ chapters that you never want to end.


James and the giant peach – Roald Dahl

A great kid’s book that is totally for adults too…

Of mice and men – John Steinbeck

The one book everyone was traumatised by in senior school. It’s beautifully written, emotional and powerful.


The girl on the train – Paula Hawkins

The ultimate suspense-filled read, you’ll never want to put this book down.

The kind worth killing – Peter Swanson

Named one of The Sunday Times’ top 10 bestsellers, Peter Swanson has impeccable writing talent.

Well, that’s our favourite books. Let us know what yours are in the comments below.