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There are around 600 million blogs on the internet, and each one of them has a common goal – to dominate search engine rankings. However, if your blog has failed to achieve this objective, then there can be two major reasons behind this failure. Either your content quality is not up to the mark, or if it is good, then the content is not optimised for SEO. 

So, what should you do now? There is no need to delete the blog post and start creating a new one. Instead, you can enhance the quality of the existing one and make it perfectly SEO-optimised by following the right strategies. 

Proven content & SEO strategies for improving your blog

Below, we have discussed some of the most effective content and SEO strategies that you can follow to enhance your blog for better rankings. 

Focus on providing value

This strategy is related to enhancing blog content quality. You will need to focus on providing valuable information to the targeted audience

Try to directly hit their pain or critical points. This means serving them content that efficiently addresses their needs and preferences directly, such as providing them with solutions to problems and a little touch of entertainment as well. Doing so can result in better user engagement, which will ultimately boost search rankings. 

Adopt a story-telling approach

To enhance blog content quality, you should try following a storytelling approach. Doing so can provide you with several benefits. For instance:

  • It will keep the readers interested and emotionally connected. 
  • It will also contribute to enhancing user engagement, while also building your authenticity. 

Both of these will ultimately improve the blog’s search visibility, which is the primary goal, as we mentioned earlier. 

Below, we have discussed the approach that you can follow to tailor your blog to a storytelling style. 

  • Make use of emotional words & phrases; instead of being direct. 
  • Keep your writing compelling and engaging as much as possible. 
  • Instead of just providing information, explain with examples or illustrations. 

Perform keyword research 

Keywords are special words and phrases that people search on Google to find the required information. These can greatly enhance the overall search visibility.

When your blog content contains the keywords that your targeted audience is searching for, Google will most likely show your content as the most appropriate result for their search query. 

Due to this, performing in-depth keyword research is considered an excellent SEO strategy. You can then incorporate them into the content for improved search visibility.

This research can be performed through advanced online tools such as Ahrefs. The tool will provide a long list of both short and long-tail keywords for your given topic along with their search volume.

Optimise content for SEO 

Here, you must take care of many things to efficiently optimise your blog content for enhanced online growth. These things are:

Incorporate keywords

You need to insert all the relevant keywords in your content only where they look natural and appropriate. However, avoid adding too many keywords because it is considered keyword stuffing. 

Making content user-friendly

Search engines like Google live to serve users, so they prioritise user-friendly content. User-friendly content is simple to understand for the targeted audience. So, to make blog content simple, paraphrase it. This will involve replacing all the complex words with easy synonyms and simplifying the overall sentence structure. 

An easy way to do this is by getting assistance from advanced tools such as Paraphrasing.io. Tools like this will automatically paraphrase your content in a simple way while keeping the original meaning intact.  

Add internal & external links

Insert internal links to relevant topics covered on your website in the blog. Doing so will help crawlers to scan and rank them. Additionally, incorporate external links in the content to make it more authoritative for the search engine and targeted audience. However, ensure that the sources you are referring to for external links are highly credible. 

Ensure grammar perfection

It’s important to make content free from any kind of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. So, proofread carefully to detect typos. However, if you want to save time & effort then make use of advanced tools like Grammarly. It will not only detect grammatical errors in the content but will also provide useful suggestions to correct them.  

Pay attention to the conclusion

The conclusion is a brief overview of your blog that helps both the audience and search engine crawlers understand the main intent quickly. Due to this, it is required to be written concisely while discussing all the main points. But if your written conclusion is not up to the mark, then don’t worry, as you can get help from a conclusion generator. It will quickly generate a perfect conclusion for your given article within seconds.   

Attain high-quality backlinks

For maximum growth of your blog, you should also attain high-quality backlinks from credible websites in your targeted audience. Doing so will boost its search engine rankings.

There are multiple methods that you can use to build links for your blog. These include: 

  • Create quality content (it will automatically earn links from other resources). 
  • Publishing guest content on high-traffic websites.
  • Broken link building. 

However, one of the easiest & widely used methods is publishing guest content (that will contain a link to your blog) on other websites. 

Now, the question is how you can find sites that accept guest content. Multiple ways can be taken in this regard. One way is to search for special queries on Google, such as “Write for us” or “Submit a guest post.” Another way is to opt for websites like PrePostSEO that provide a long list of guest blogging sites of any niche for free.  

Remember, for maximum link juice, ensure the site on which your guest content will be published is high-authority. This can be done by determining the DA PA score, spam score, domain & URL rating, and overall traffic of the site. You can get help from a DAPA checker. It will provide you with the DA PA score, spam score, domain & URL rating, etc. for the entered site. 

To check traffic, utilise SEMrush which will provide detailed traffic insights (for the previous 2 years) of the given site. 

Track & analyse

Finally, to enhance your blog growth online, it is considered an effective strategy to continuously track & analyse its performance. This will allow you to determine which content or SEO strategy is working best and which is not. You can then tailor your efforts accordingly and make your blog dominate the SERP. 

Multiple tools can be used for efficiently tracking & analysing a blog’s performance. These include Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Final words

If your created blog content is ranking higher on Google, then don’t get frustrated or disappointed. This is because numerous content & SEO strategies can be employed to uplift the quality of a blog and make it SEO-optimised. In this article, we have explained those strategies in detail.

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