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Google Partners audience expert day

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Google Partners audience expert day

Last week I attended the Google Partners Audience Expert Day. It was a one day workshop at Googles office in London, Victoria. The day event offered me tons of insight that will help the entire Bulldog team to better our knowledge of PPC. We love to learn, even though we (like to believe we) know everything already!

Times change and so do Google’s algorithms – we have to keep up in order to keep our client’s marketing strategy at the best it can be.

These events are made to provide advanced level product training for digital marketers. They’re incredibly helpful for digital marketers who want to become experts in their field. Those who attend these events get the space and time to discuss trends, insights and frameworks with other experts within their industry.

It’s a learning experience that offers somewhere to share opinions, broaden your mind and understand how other digital marketers accomplish great things.

Being a Premier Partner of Google gives us access to great events, just like the Audience Expert Day I had the pleasure to attend. They allow us to gain industry insight and knowledge that we can pass on to our clients.

Plus, it means that we can ensure we’re always staying ahead of the curve, which makes our company one of the best – we’re open to change because we see it as evolving along with Google.

Here are some awesome pictures from the day, enjoy!