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How graphic design can take your digital marketing campaigns to new heights

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How graphic design can take your digital marketing campaigns to new heights

As people continue to consume more images, videos, and visual communications than ever before, the role of graphic design in digital marketing becomes ever more crucial. The right design can be the difference between a campaign that converts like a machine and one that completely fails to connect.

In this article, we’re exploring the most impactful ways that graphic design is being used to give digital campaigns an added spark. Looking for ways to outshine your rivals and take your campaigns to the next level? Here are some of the most important ways that genius graphic design is being used to boost digital marketing in 2018:

Incredible mobile design

In 2016, worldwide mobile internet use surpassed desktop for the very first time. That’s it now, everyone and their mother is surfing on mobile, and beautiful graphic design separates the world’s most popular sites from those that fall behind. “Responsive” mobile design is the target here. The variety of screen sizes out there is endless and your website needs to adapt to each and every viewer without fail.

Having a responsive design not only ensures your user experience is top-notch, but it also plays a key role in SEO. Google punishes websites that aren’t mobile friendly which is the last thing you want. Need your rankings to stay strong and improve over time? Then your site needs to be optimised to work on mobile perfectly. This rising mobile trend is set to stick around so now’s the time to step things up.

Responsive logos

A lot of established brands might already have a great mobile responsive site, but a responsive logo is something else. Want a logo that really makes an impact? Find a graphic designer that can produce a version of your logo that is fully responsive. Most brands will just simplify their logos by making them smaller and easier to view on a smartphone screen, but actually putting the effort into designing a logo that changes size depending on the size of the screen is not so common.

Why do it? Aside from being outrageously cool, a responsive logo will keep branding consistent throughout your digital content, no matter where or how your users interact with them.

Bottom sticky graphics

When you’re using a desktop to scan through a website, you’re used to seeing the most important sticky elements positioned at the top of the page. Sticky elements might include navigation menus, promotional banners or a contact option. Now that everyone’s using mobile devices to surf, we’re all far more used to navigation buttons being positioned below the screen, so it makes far more sense for sticky graphics to linger at the bottom of the page so all menu controls are gathered together where your fingers will be able to reach them.

Want your most important messages and options to see more action? Then have a graphic designer replan your site to be more intuitive to mobile users. It’ll make your site more user-friendly than any rival’s that isn’t yet up to speed and it will also help boost conversions drastically.

Utilising vector graphics

A growing trend in modern digital marketing campaigns is the application of interactive multimedia. Imagine giving users a 360-degree tour of a property on the market or showing prospects a 3D view of a complicated product you’re about to launch. You’d usually expect this level of graphic content to bring any website performance to its knees but scalable vector graphics (SVGs) makes it possible.

SVGs are not exactly cutting-edge technology, but they look set to bring a whole new wave of innovative solutions to the world of online commerce over the coming years. How are they different to normal images? SVGs don’t require HTTP requests, which means you can upload a detailed SVG to a page that’s hugely interactive for all users and still maintain great page speeds.

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Custom graphics and illustrations

It’s incredibly easy to find a high-quality photo from the sea of stock photography sites on the web today, but do you really think “easy” is the way to stand out? More and more market-leading brands are realising that photos are nowhere near as special or characterful as custom illustrations.

Get ready to see a lot more drawing in digital marketing. From calligraphy, hand-drawn pictures, and artistic typography, to original cartoons – as the world fills up with camera photos, brands will look to be different by embracing handcrafted art. Something about hand-drawn images captures our imaginations in a more heartfelt and humanistic way. Photos are the hyperinflated currency of old holding far less value due to their ease of production and accessibility. Custom illustrations are the new gold of imagery design.

There you have it! These are some of the most impactful ways that modern graphic design is set to journey hand-in-hand with digital marketing in the coming years. If you want your campaigns to stand out and grab people’s attention, you’ll need to ensure your graphics spark a memorable connection with your audience. The more you invest in quality graphic design, the better chance you have of delivering messages with piercing visual appeal.