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How music can boost office productivity

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How music can boost office productivity

There once was a time where silence in the office was mandatory – even having headphones on was forbidden. However, now that many modern offices are far more laid back, it’s common to find a communal speaker blasting some throwback anthems or employees having their own secret party through headphones.

With a team full of music lovers, it’s safe to say that the Bulldog office wouldn’t be the same without music. A good playlist will get us smiling from ear to ear as we work the day away, and our moods certainly reflect when things have been silent for too long.

Of course, every individual will have their own opinions when it comes to having music in the office, but with studies revealing that certain types of tunes boost productivity, we felt it would be beneficial to explore this.

The best type of music for productivity

🌳 The sound of nature

We’re guilty of laughing at Andre whenever his Spotify reveals that he’s been listening to the sound of rain, but truth be told, doing this actually has some awesome benefits. If you don’t believe this, just check out the results published by The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America back in 2015. A mixture of psychophysical data and sound-field analysis revealed that listening to the sounds of nature can boost your concentration levels, and as a result, enhance productivity.

You might be familiar with nature sounds if you’ve ever attended a yoga session, as they are often used in the background to encourage feelings of relaxation. So, when you think about it, listening to the sounds of nature whilst working might not be such a daft idea after all.

🎻 Classical music

One of the most common pieces of research to come across when exploring which music is best for productivity is the one which involves the ‘Mozart Effect’. This study arose from the theory that classical music will aid the listener’s ability to focus and reason; it did just that.

Since the results were published, several other studies have found that classical music also has an extremely positive impact on your mental health. So, next time you’re picking a playlist, give some violins and brass instruments a go.

👌🏼 Feel good jams

Okay – the previous two playlists are all well and good, but if you need lyrics in your life, they won’t be very satisfying. Luckily, lyrics are on the table this time around!

Researchers at McGill University found that listening to ‘feel good’ songs will stimulate the part of your brain which strives off pleasure. And, if you’re in a happy state of mind, then you’ll naturally feel more motivated to knuckle down and smash your goals. Just as long as you don’t spend the day singing along to these catchy tunes…

🔋 Songs with power

Songs with power have a similar effect to the ‘feel good’ jams mentioned above. If a song makes you want to get up and start fist pumping, then it can be classed as a song with power. We’re talking Queen, we’re talking The Killers, we’re talking Kanye. Whatever songs get you full of adrenaline and confidence will do the trick.

It’s recommended to listen to songs with power before heading off on an interview or taking lead in an important meeting; you’ll soon see your anxieties wash away and be left with a can-do attitude.

🔇 For those who wish for silence: White noise

Modern workplaces aren’t going to be suitable for everyone. If you find that music tends to be more distracting than motivating, then that’s fine, too. Unfortunately, if the office has a communal speaker, it can be hard to find some peace and quiet. Don’t panic though, there’s an interesting solution for this, and it goes by the name of ‘white noise playlists’.

After plenty of years of practice, our brains have grown accustomed to white noise. White noise is near impossible to banish from all environments, so it’s just something we have to deal with on a daily basis.

The next time you’re struggling to focus, start playing a ‘white noise playlist’. You’ll soon be pretty impressed by how much more natural it makes your environment feel. Before you know it, you’ll be in a relaxed state and focusing better than ever before.

Seize the day

For the next five days, test out these playlists and see which ones impact your performance the most. It’ll be a fun little experiment and you’ll be broadening your music taste, too!

Big thanks to Spotify for always having awesome playlists. Seriously – they have something for every mood imaginable.