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Joining Bulldog: Nick Higgins

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Joining Bulldog: Nick Higgins

TL;DR: Nick Higgins is the newest member to Team Bulldog, joining in January 2019 as PPC Executive. Learn about his first few weeks at Bulldog with this wonderful piece of content he wrote about our culture!

The thought of starting your first full-time job after university is a feeling of dread which most people on my university course felt. It could be the sudden shift in free time we had or it could just be the fear of being responsible for something. These are feelings I definitely felt, but it wasn’t that I didn’t want to work. It was more the feeling of entering the real world where you have responsibilities and people that depend on you.

Coming into Bulldog, I had the panic which everyone has when starting a new roll. Am I going to get along with the co-workers? Am I going to have a boss who runs the business like a dictator? Am I going to be able to do the job at hand?

These issues were all pushed aside the first time I walked into the office to have my interview. Everyone was looking like they enjoyed their work, there were people laughing and good music playing in the background. I knew that Bulldog Digital Media was a place where I would fit in.

From day one of joining Bulldog, I was treated like every other member of the team. There was no new person stigma, I was treated like one of their own. Within my first week of starting, I was given an account which I would be managing with the help from the two other members of the PPC team who provided me with endless support. This is where I was given my first bit of advice which has stuck with me. “Don’t be afraid to be wrong and don’t be afraid to ask questions”. If I wasn’t given this advice by PPC Account Manager Tom, I don’t think I would be successful as I am today.

With all the of the help I have received, I’m now managing 4 accounts, engaging with clients, offering suggestions to their PPC accounts and working with other members of the team. And, even better, I actually know the professional jargon they’re all using!

One of the most important features when joining a new company is culture; Bulldog have nailed this. They’ve really picked up on the point that if you don’t enjoy where you work and you don’t enjoy what you do, you won’t perform as well as you can. From walking into the office and hearing your favourite genre of music to having team lunches, you really get the feeling that Bulldog wants you to feel as comfortable as possible in your work environment. I can’t wait to be involved with Behind The Bulldog and team building outings.

I couldn’t have chosen a better company to start my PPC journey with and, as I’ve already learnt so much, I’m excited to see how I progress even further!