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Our favourite digital marketing insights from October 2019

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Our favourite digital marketing insights from October 2019

October was a great month in the world of digital marketing. From new networks understanding the way we search to pre-holiday season guides helping marketers all over the globe, a lot went on! Get all the top digital marketing insights from October 2019 right here.

Holiday pre-season playbook

There’s no denying that the most wonderful time of the year is nearly here; even if you aren’t embracing the festive cheer. It’s a known fact that the Christmas period can give those in ecommerce a huge revenue boost, but it’s also a known fact that this doesn’t magically happen overnight. The team over at Shopify have put together a Holiday Pre-Season Playbook to take ecommerce marketers through plans, strategies and insights for this busy season. The data is backed up by over 50 high-growth brands and it’s certainly worth the read.

Applying BERT models to search

On October 25th, Google announced that they’re rolling out a few changes to the way search works. More information can be found here, but to put it simply, ‘BERT models’ have been applied to better understand what we’re asking for in search. The main purpose behind the BERT model is to encourage users to search in a way that feels natural to them, rather than in a way that they think the search engines will understand.

Google Ads now shows cart metrics

Exciting news for those in paid search – Google Ads now shows cart metrics for shopping campaigns! With data like ‘average cart size’ and ‘cost of goods sold’ available to view, merchants can now get a better understanding as to what products are driving profits. Not only this, but as the holiday season approaches, merchants can quickly understand how to optimise their campaigns to make a greater profit.

80 common e-commerce website mistakes

Do you ever find yourself wondering why your website isn’t converting customers as much as you hoped? Struggling to see where you’re going wrong? Worry no more – SEMrush have all the answers. Their guide on common ecommerce website mistakes features insights from 80 marketers who have dealt with ecommerce issues first hand (including our very own Buzz Carter). Take a browse and see if your pain points have been solved.

Searchmetrics online retail market analysis 2019

Bored of ecommerce studies yet? Looks like we’re not! October brought yet another useful resource to the surface; it goes by the name of Online Retail Market Analysis 2019 by Searchmetrics. With UK retail ecommerce sales to top £100 billion in 2019, Searchmetrics took it upon themselves to analyse eight major industries to learn more about the online commerce market. Their results are available to download and contain extremely interesting insights into global ecommerce giants we all know and love.

Great – what next?

All of the above digital marketing articles have been carefully handpicked to ensure that you have plenty to take away. Whether you’re in ecommerce prepping for the holiday season or just fancied learning something new, we hope you found these guides helpful. See you next month!