Our new employee benefit: Cyclescheme - Bulldog

Our new employee benefit: Cyclescheme

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Our new employee benefit: Cyclescheme

Here at Bulldog, we are constantly looking for new ways to reward the team for all the excellent work they do. So, as of 2019, we decided to add yet another employee perk to our long list! We are pleased to say that we now offer the UK’s most popular cycle-to-work benefit, Cyclescheme.

Cyclescheme is an excellent idea which has been put in place for all of the bike-lovers out there. The scheme helps employees to save 25-39% on bikes and accessories, with no upfront payments. Basically, if an employee signs up, the payments for the bike will be taken off their salary, rather than having to pay a chunk of cash there and then.

The scheme not only helps bike enthusiasts to save money, but it also encourages employees to live a healthy lifestyle and ditch other forms of transport. Take a look at Cyclescheme’s excellent video which explains more about the process:

The cyclescheme is really easy to get involved with. Simply head to the website to see if your corporation is already signed up, and if not, ask your line manager to get the ball rolling. Within days of this being done, you will be able to print off your certificate and take it into a shop that is on the scheme to claim your bike!

So, what does our first employee to sign on to cyclescheme think?

Our PPC Executive Nick Higgins decided that the cyclescheme was something he was interested in:

“I signed up at the end of January and my bike was ready within just a week! I picked up the Whyte 801 Trail Mountain Bike and am really excited to start riding to work as well as going on bike rides with my friends. Essex has a lot of trails to offer!”

Are you planning to get involved with the scheme? As you can probably tell, we can’t recommend it enough. A healthy workplace is a happy workplace, so sign up today and create a healthier lifestyle!