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SeshEO 2019: Highlights and takeaways

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Our first ever digital marketing event, SeshEO, took place on 25th September 2019 and was a great success! Here you’ll be able to find all of the key highlights and takeaways from the evening – enjoy.

Our SeshEO speakers

Buzz Carter, Sarah Brice & Ric Rodriguez at SeshEO

From left to right: Buzz Carter, Sarah Brice & Ric Rodriguez

To make sure the event had something for everyone, we had three speakers, covering three completely different topics. These were:

🤝 Sarah Brice, Head of PPC: How PPC & SEO go hand in hand

🔗 Buzz Carter, Head of Outreach: How to build a link without committing SERP suicide in 2019

🔎 Ric Rodriguez, SEO Consultant @ Yext: How information will transform the search landscape

An intro to remember

Buzz Carter introducing SeshEO

After some networking, Buzz kicked SeshEO off with an introduction that we won’t forget anytime soon. Keeping it short but sweet, Buzz gave a warm welcome to new faces and gave an insight into how SeshEO was made a reality.

“Long story short: We wanted to create a fun Digital Marketing event in Essex, for agencies and business owners who couldn’t make it all the way to London for an event. We also wanted to bring a bit more of a party vibe to the whole affair, and with £3 pints readily available, it’s a lot easier to put the Sesh in Sesh-E-O.”


Talk 1: How PPC & SEO go hand in hand

Get the full insights to Sarah’s talk here

Sarah Brice talking at SeshEO

The incredible Sarah Brice got the SeshEO ball rolling with a super insightful talk on how PPC and SEO go hand in hand. Starting right from the start, Sarah explained the differences between PPC and SEO, establishing that PPC is perfect for quick wins and SEO is perfect for longer-term strategies. However – when the two are combined, the ultimate strategy for success comes to life.

Sarah ended her talk by highlighting some of the main benefits of using both PPC and SEO:

🔎 Reliable keyword research: Both PPC and SEO require thorough keyword research, meaning both campaigns can focus on the same keywords to boost visibility.

📝 PPC is a testing ground for SEO: You can test your keyword strategy with PPC before committing to long-term SEO strategies.

🤑 Good SEO reduces PPC cost: High-cost, high-volume or low-converting (yet still important) keywords can be moved from PPC to organic search.

💪🏼 Increases confidence: Your business will have strong organic and paid visibility!

Talk 2: How to build a link without committing SERP suicide in 2019

Buzz’s slides will be available to view soon – keep your eyes peeled!

Buzz Carter talking at SeshEO

Next up, Buzz came to the SeshEO stage to talk about building valuable links. Times have certainly changed since 8 years ago when you could get away with building spammy links…

Buzz’s talk covered the following subjects:

🤔 What are backlinks?
🐧 The impact of the 2012 Penguin update
🔗 How to build good links in 2019
📈 What happens when you build good links

The talk was full of valuable information and hilarious jokes, as to which will be available to view soon!

Talk 3: How information will transform the search landscape

View Ric’s slides here.

Ric Rodriguez talking at SeshEO

SeshEO ended on a high, with our guest speaker Ric Rodriguez explaining how information will transform the search landscape. It’s important for marketers to have an understanding of ‘machine learning’ and ‘intent’; no matter how confusing these phrases may seem.

“The customer journey starts with a question; consumers expect answers.”


Ric took us on a journey ‘behind’ search engines; a topic which doesn’t get covered near as much as it should. This included discussing:

📸 The increase in no-click searches
💼 The change in the role of search
🤓 What the input is and how it is assessed
📶 How a network works
🔠 Understanding words on a page
➕ & much more – check out Ric’s slides!

All in all, everyone was left amazed by Ric’s knowledge and certainly had plenty to takeaway.

“Information powers knowledge; this is now the basis for search.”


Thank you to everyone who came to SeshEO!

Last but by no means least, we’d like to say a quick thank you to everyone who came to SeshEO and supported us. It’s not easy to kickstart a brand new event outside of London, but we’ve all proved that it’s more than possible with a bit of elbow grease!

Interested in our next event?

Good news! We’re currently planning event number two – if you’re interested in speaking at this event then head on over to Twitter for direction:

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