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https://hix.ai/articlegptLooking to freshen up your social media profile with help from some hashtag holidays? Look no further! We have put together 12 months of social media greatness – simply browse the social media holiday calendars below to perfect your 2024 social marketing strategy.

Why You Should Celebrate Social Media Holidays

Maintaining an online presence isn’t always easy, especially if you have a million other tasks to be getting on with. But while finding the inspiration for posts can be tricky, the benefits that come from staying active and relevant make it all worth it. This is where social media holidays come in. Navigating the challenges of online presence is simplified with a user-friendly free poster maker, ensuring consistent and engaging content creation for social media holidays.

Social media holidays give your business – or personal profile – an amazing opportunity to raise awareness and start a conversation. Not only this, but the holidays can successfully boost office morale in ways that you probably wouldn’t have thought of before.

How To Utilise National Days As An Ecommerce

If a certain national holiday is relatable to your brand, there will always be an opportunity to link it back to your ecommerce. Whether creating informative posts to inspire readers and drive engagement or offering discounts to celebrate particular holidays, there are many ways to get involved. Great tactics include:

Downloadable 2024 holidays calendar

January 2024 social media holidays

The year is starting strong, with plenty of social media holidays to take advantage of. From creating inspiring posts about setting goals for the year to stocking up on popcorn for Popcorn Day, you certainly won’t be short on ideas for socials.

Whole Month: Dry Jan / Veganuary
1st January: New Year’s Day
2nd January: Science Fiction Day
3rd January: Mind-Body Wellness Day
4th January: Trivia Day
8th January: World Typing Day
11th January: Human Trafficking Awareness Day
14th January: World Logic Day
15th January: Blue Monday & Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
18th January: Get To Know Your Customers Day
19th January: National Popcorn Day
20th January: Cheese Lovers Day
24th January: International Education Day
25th January: Opposite Day
28th January: Data Privacy Day

February 2024 social media holidays

Moving on to the month of love and the madness doesn’t stop! It’s time to wrap up your Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns and celebrate success with some pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. February is the month for celebrating love, great food, pets, and everything in between.

Whole Month: LGBT History Month
4th February: World Cancer Day
6th February: Safer Internet Day
9th February: National Pizza Day
10th February: Chinese New Year
11th February: International Day Of Women & Girls In Science
11th February: Super Bowl LVI
13th February: Galentine’s Day & Shrove Tuesday
14th February: Valentine’s Day
17th February: Random Acts Of Kindness Day
18th February: World Whale Day
19th February: Presidents’ Day
20th February: Love Your Pet Day
22nd February: World Thinking Day
23rd February: Skip The Straw Day

March 2024 social media holidays

The month of March gives you a great opportunity to have some fun – especially now the rush of Christmas and Valentine’s is over for ecommerce. Reconnect with nature on Wildlife Day, pay respects to the women in the office on International Women’s Day, and give your audience a reason to smile on the Day of Happiness!

Whole Month: Women’s History Month / Brain Tumour Awareness Month / Endometriosis Awareness Month
1st March: National Day Of Unplugging
3rd March: World Wildlife Day
8th March: International Women’s Day
10th March:  Mother’s Day
14th March: Pi Day
15th March: Global Recycling Day
20th March: International Day Of Happiness
22nd March: World Water Day
23rd March: National Puppy Day
25th March: International Waffle Day
28th March: Wear A Hat Day
29th March: Good Friday
31st March: Easter Sunday

April 2024 social media holidays

April is a great month for team bonding; from planning office Easter egg hunts to bringing pets in for the day. There are many ways to be creative with April’s social media holidays – don’t limit your creativity to just one day!

1st April: Easter Monday & April Fool’s Day
2nd April: Autism Awareness Day
3rd April: National Walking Day
10th April: National Siblings Day
11th April: National Pet Day
12th April: Day Of Silence
14th April: National Gardening Day
15th April: World Art Day
21st April: National Tea Day
22nd April: Earth Day
23rd April: World Book Day & St. George’s Day
29th April: International Dance Day

May 2024 social media holidays

With two bank holidays and a whole lot of unique social media days in between, you certainly don’t have to slow the pace down in May. Now might be the best time to establish who is a hardcore Star Wars fan in the office… there’s always one!

Whole Month: Wedding Season Begins
1st May: May Day
4th May: Star Wars Day
5th May: Cinco De Mayo
6th May: Early May Bank Holiday
11th May: Eat What You Want Day
12th May: International Nurses Day
13th May: World Cocktail Day
16th May: International Day Of Light
17th May: Endangered Species Day
18th May: International Museum Day
20th May: World Bee Day
23rd May: World Turtle Day
27th May: Spring Bank Holiday
30th May: National Creativity Day
31st May: World No Tobacco Day

June 2024 social media holidays

June brings a lot of food-related social media holidays to the table, including Cheese Day & Picnic Day. These days give you the perfect excuse to indulge on tasty foods while creating epic content for your social profiles.

Whole Month: Pride Month
1st June: Global Day Of Parents
2nd June: Cancer Survivors Day
3rd June: National Egg Day
4th June: National Cheese Day
5th June: Global Running Day
8th June: National Best Friends Day
12th June: World Day Against Child Labor 
14th June: World Blood Donor Day 
15th June: Beer Day & King’s Birthday
16th June: Father’s Day
18th June: International Picnic Day
20th June: World Refugee Day 
21st June: Summer Solstice 
27th June: National PTSD Awareness Day 
29th June: National Camera Day 

July 2024 social media holidays

July’s social media holidays are focused on independence, family, and friendship. July is also home to Give Something Away Day, which is the perfect celebration for absolutely any type of business. Whether you reach out to your clients or give back to customers, you’ll be sure to make your brand memorable.

2nd July: World UFO Day
4th July: Independence Day
7th July: World Chocolate Day
11th July: World Population Day
15th July: National Give Something Away Day 
16th July: World Snake Day 
17th July: World Emoji Day
21st July: National Ice Cream Day 
28th July: Parents’ Day 
30th July: International Day Of Friendship

August 2024 social media holidays

Summer is in full swing – and by this point, your social media profiles should be, too. Whether you get everyone together for some rum on National Beach Day or promote your favourite books on Book Lovers Day, there’s plenty of opportunity to post online.

1st August: National Girlfriend Day 
3rd August: National Watermelon Day
8th August: International Cat Day 
9th August: Book Lovers Day 
10th August: National Lazy Day 
13th August: International Left-Handers Day 
14th August: World Lizard Day 
15th August: National Relaxation Day 
16th August: National Tell A Joke Day 
26th August: Summer Bank Holiday 
30th August: National Beach Day 
31st August: Overdose Awareness Day

September 2024 social media holidays

September is a month full of reflection, fundraising, and food (of course!). The Day Of Charity provides a great opportunity to raise funds for a charity close to your heart, while also bringing the team together to do something rewarding. You can promote the fundraiser on social media to generate as much awareness as possible.

Whole Month: Back To School
5th September: International Day Of Charity 
6th September: Read A Book Day
7th September: World Beard Day
10th September: Suicide Prevention Day 
13th September: Positive Thinking Day 
18th September: National Cheese Burger Day 
21st September: International Day Of Peace & Oktoberfest Starts
22nd September: Start Of Autumn
23rd September: International Day Of Sign Languages 
27th September: World Tourism Day 
29th September: World Heart Day 
30th September: International Podcast Day 

October 2024 social media holidays

Time for spooky season! Decorating the office with Halloween-themed decor is a surefire way to get some unique content for your social profiles. If Halloween isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry – there are lots of other social media holidays to take advantage of. From Mental Health Day to Pasta Day, the choice is yours.

Whole Month: Black History Month (UK) / Breast Cancer Awareness Month / Stoptober
1st October: World Vegetarian Day 
2nd October: International Day Of Non-Violence 
3rd October: National Boyfriend Day 
4th October: World Animal Day
5th October: World Teachers’ Day
6th October: Grandparents Day 
10th October: World Mental Health Day 
11th October: National Coming Out Day 
17th October: National Pasta Day 
21st October: National Apple Day 
26th October: National Pumpkin Day 
27th October: Daylight Savings Time Ends 
29th October: National Cat Day 

November 2024 social media holidays

November can be a stressful month for ecommerce. Black Friday is just around the corner, meaning any campaigns or sales must be ready to rumble. Luckily, there are lots of social media holidays that can help to relieve the stress for a bit, including Guy Fawkes (Bonfire) Night.

Whole Month: Movember
1st November: World Vegan Day 
2nd November: Day Of The Dead 
5th November: Bonfire Night
8th November: National Cappuccino Day 
9th November: British Pudding Day 
10th November: Remembrance Sunday 
11th November: Remembrance Day 
13th November: World Kindness Day 
14th November: World Diabetes Day 
19th November: International Men’s Day 
20th November: Trans Day Of Remembrance 
21st November: World Television Day 
28th November: Thanksgiving 
29th November: Black Friday

December 2024 social media holidays

Can you hear the sleigh bells ringing? It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There are so many things that you can do in December to keep the Christmas spirit alive, including social media advent calendars and Secret Santa. Don’t forget to pay attention to other holidays in December though!

1st December: World AIDS Day
2nd December: Cyber Monday 
4th December: Wildlife Conservation Day 
7th December: Small Business Saturday 
8th December: National Brownie Day 
10th December: Human Rights Day
21st December: Winter Begins
24th December: Christmas Eve
25th December: Christmas Day & Start Of Hanukkah
26th December: Boxing Day
31st December: New Year’s Eve

There you have it – a whole year of ideas for your social media strategy, sorted. While we don’t recommend incorporating every single social media holiday into your plans, picking a few relevant ones from each month will be sure to generate a boost in engagement. If you plan these posts a few months in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to make them the best they can possibly be!

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