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Social media holidays in December 2019

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Social media holidays in December 2019

Before you start reflecting on the year and prepping for 2020, you need to make sure your social media strategy for December is up to scratch. It may be a shorter working month than usual, but users are still going to be active online, meaning there’s no time to slack. With help from our calendar full of social media holidays in December, your strategy will help to end the year on a high!

December 2019 social media holidays

December 2019 social calendar

Sunday 1st December: Aids Day ✋🏼
Monday 2nd December: Cyber Monday 🤖
Tuesday 3rd December: Make a Gift Day 🎁
Wednesday 4th December: Wildlife Conservation Day 🌳
Thursday 5th December: Soil Day ♠️
Friday 6th December: St Nicholas Day 🥩
Saturday 7th December:
Sunday 8th December: Brownie Day 🍫
Monday 9th December: Christmas Card Day 📖
Tuesday 10th December: Human Rights Day 🤝🏼
Wednesday 11th December: Mountain Day 🏔️
Thursday 12th December:
Friday 13th December: Christmas Jumper Day 🎅🏼
Saturday 14th December: Monkey Day 🐵
Sunday 15th December:
Monday 16th December:
Tuesday 17th December:
Wednesday 18th December: Bake Cookies Day 🍪
Thursday 19th December:
Friday 20th December: Games Day 🎮
Saturday 21st December: First Day of Winter 🌨️
Sunday 22nd December: Hanukkah Begins 🕎
Monday 23rd December: Festivus ❄️
Tuesday 24th December: Christmas Eve 🤶🏼
Wednesday 25th December: Christmas 🎄
Thursday 26th December: Boxing Day 🎁
Friday 27th December: Fruitcake Day 🍰
Saturday 28th December: Card Playing Day 🃏
Sunday 29th December: Tick Tock Day 🕐
Monday 30th December: Bacon Day 🥓
Tuesday 31st December: New Year’s Eve 🎉

Enjoy the last month of 2019!

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