The 7 cleverest domains

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The 7 cleverest domains

We all remember catchy phrases and creative poems, but most of us don’t realise we also easily remember domain names as well – only the ones that are clever, though.  We’ve compiled a list of the cleverest domains out there, which you can learn from and steal a few handy tips on how to get your own domain that people will remember, without even trying.

Our top creative domain that sticks in our minds easily is It’s smart, catchy and gives you an idea of what the website is all about. The site ‘scoops’ curated content for individuals and businesses, making their domain very fitting.


Again, this domain gives the user an extremely clear idea of what the website is for – events.  The business manages to get its name in the domain while adding the .events to tell the user exactly who they are and what they do.

Although it would be even better if they managed to hint that they’re a website design company in the domain too – but you can’t have everything!  You can visit for a stunning site design for your latest event. is another clever domain because they’ve put two seemingly unlinked words together to make a domain that tells us exactly what the website is.  They help businesses cook-up a brand name that seamlessly suits their needs and expresses their brand’s identity.

Another one of our absolute favourites is, not only because it sounds awesome but also due to the smart idea behind it. They are a domain generator for using ‘.sucks’ instead of the normal ‘’ or ‘.com’. In essence, they want to change up our domain extensions from the norm to add emphasis on the brand’s name.

Some examples of using ‘.sucks’ to create emotion and impact are; ‘’ or ‘’. These give a punch to the site by creating a much more intense, real feel to the brand’s domain, especially when compared to using ‘.com’.

Now that you know the story behind you can see just how clever their domain actually is. You literally go to their site to get ‘.sucks’ domains, so their domain is perfect – for those who knew who they were, that is. is another site where you can purchase a domain extension, but this time it’s ‘.cloud’. Whereas ‘.sucks’ offers more emotion and intensity, ‘.cloud’ is the cleaner more professional brother for websites that are more focused on showing they’re a modern business.

The entire point of business’ that promote an industry is to create buzz around said industry, in this case, fashion. Hence why Paris Fashion Week’s domain is perfect for them. It keeps their business’ name in the main section, then uses the domain extension ‘.buzz’ to create a trendy atmosphere that will then be linked to Paris fashion week.

A brilliant play on words, or play on abbreviations of their brand’s name in this instance – Animal Health Associations – brings a fun yet information domain. is obviously a vet clinic because of the domain extension. We especially like the feeling you get when you read out the domain; ‘aha’ is almost like a ‘eureka’ moment.

In other words, it’s almost like you’ve said: “Aha! Vet, that’s exactly what I was looking for!” and that is what makes it such a brilliant domain.

What did you do to get a clever domain?

If your website has a clever domain that’s as catchy as it is clear, then tell us about how you managed to land yourself such a great domain. Alternatively, you can share with us some domains you’ve come across that you believe deserve a place on this list and why.

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