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The power of holiday marketing told through statistics

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The power of holiday marketing told through statistics

The holiday season is in full swing, and it has become near impossible to make it through the day without seeing several marketing campaigns tailored to the occasion. If you’re running your own marketing campaign this holiday season, then it’s likely you’ve been feeling festive since July, as you should have been following our sacred 6-month guide to smash the Christmas period or something similar.

As festive campaigns are currently rolling out all around the globe, we felt it would be worthwhile to reflect on some of the amazing statistics that are generated from holiday marketing. We all know that occasions such as Black Friday and Christmas aid a very beneficial marketing campaign, but just how successful are we talking? It’s time to find out…

Since compiling our guide all about lead generation, this stat is not a shocker, as a whopping 4.1 billion people are using the internet. Knowing that 80% of holiday shoppers are influenced by the internet before making a purchase, further proves the importance of having a solid digital marketing strategy in place; especially over the holiday season.

So, even when shoppers decide to face the stores, they still rely on the internet for purchase decisions! Ensure your site is optimised for mobile and sit back as shoppers combine both online and retail shopping.

This incredible stat further confirms that your site needs to be optimised for mobile. Ensure your mobile-site is in tip-top condition before running out holiday campaigns – a 20% drop in conversions could have drastic consequences.

Yep, that’s right. People are shopping more than ever in the last 3 months of the year, through treating themselves on Black Friday and buying gifts for Christmas. This highlights the importance of getting in gear early so that you have no setbacks through the busy period known as Q4!

Holiday shoppers are going to be looking around for the best deal on the product they wish to buy. Stand out from the crowd by running seasonal discounts that they won’t be able to refuse. Be careful here, though, as you want to ensure you’re still profiting from these sales and not putting your business at risk. Dare to be different with your promotions and it’ll be sure to pay off!

Either we’re all disappointed by our Christmas presents or just fancy spending some more money, but either way, boxing day usually generates the highest amount of traffic through December. This is extremely valuable information for businesses who are looking to get an extra boost from the festive season.

Roughly a week before Santa comes down our chimneys, many businesses see a drop in traffic and conversions. This is usually due to the fact that users worry their online orders won’t arrive in time if they leave it too late. A clever way to avoid the conversion cliff (credit to Yieldify for this accurate name), is to make your shipping policies loud and clear so that users don’t have to worry about late presents and unnecessary stress. If you can ship items out asap, then let your users know!

An increasing amount of brands have set up customer service accounts on Twitter to deal with enquiries as efficiently as possible. Gone are the days of waiting around for an email – you can now get replies within the hour! Shoppers need to trust the brand their buying from, knowing that any problems that occur will be dealt with quickly. Due to this, it’s no wonder that 55% of shoppers favour businesses who respond over social media.

That’s right – 3 billion emails. On Black Friday. Alone! This just proves the importance in ensuring that the content in your email is as enticing as possible and stands out from the rest.

We’re more than happy to spend £20 on a t-shirt, but add £3.99 delivery and it’s suddenly the end of the world. By simply offering free delivery, a business increases the chances of frequent sales and happy customers. Just ensure that the items you’re selling are at a decent price so that free delivery won’t hinder the all-important return on investment.

Key takeaways

Pretty impressive, right? Of course, the success of a campaign is completely bespoke and will depend on the niche and approach, but if you’re working in e-commerce, you won’t regret optimising a campaign for some of the most wonderful times of the year! 🎄