Tried and tested team building ideas that the whole office will enjoy

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Are you struggling to find a team building activity that the whole office will enjoy? We know how difficult this can be, which is why we’ve put together a list of the best team building experiences we’ve ever had. It doesn’t matter whether your team is small or large, there will undoubtedly be a team building idea in this guide that will get everyone smiling from ear to ear. With the majority of these ideas tried and tested by ourselves, we guarantee that you’ll see your team working together – better than ever before! It’s officially time to boost morale and have some unapologetic fun, maybe considering team retreats as a refreshing option.

🎳 Bowling 🎳

Heading to the nearest bowling alley is a cheap and easy activity to organise that doesn’t even have to eliminate time from precious work hours. A couple of hours bowling will be sure to get the whole team laughing and competing for the ‘bowling champion’ throne. You could even set up a mini competition, awarding a prize to whoever gets the most points.

🐯 Zookeeper experience day 🐯

Perhaps a slightly more ambitious team building activity, but judging by experience, it’s one that seriously pays off. We were lucky enough to visit Shepreth Wildlife Park a couple of months ago and agreed to help out with daily tasks which needed doing. This was certainly a change of scenery compared to our office environment, but it was great to get the whole team outside and doing something a bit different. We were even rewarded with animal experiences after a day of hard work, and we still talk extremely fondly about this incredible day. Everyone loves animals, so you can’t really go wrong with a day full of furry friends.

💸 Fundraisers 💸

What better way to contribute to an awesome cause than with a fundraiser? Hosting a fundraiser not only allows you to raise money for a cause you’re passionate about, but it encourages the team to work together in order to hit a target in any way imaginable. From bake sales to sponsored silences to fun forfeits, there are so many ways to get involved with charities. You can check out the video below for some more inspiration, as we recently had a day full of fun activities in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

🏎️ GoKarting 🏎️

For the adrenaline seekers and competitive team members, we’d recommend going GoKarting. GoKarting is an excellent activity that will allow you to let off some steam while having fun at the same time. The majority of GoKarting packages will allow you to compete in a few races, meaning all team members should be able to go up against their chosen rival. Just be warned, some people will never let go of their victories…

🕹️ Office games 🕹️

Who said that you had to leave the office in order to have a fun team building experience? Some of our best memories come from within the four walls of Bulldog HQ, as all you really need is a lunch break or short half-hour away from the desk. There are so many games which you could play in the office, but here’s a roundup of some of our favourites:

🎂 Bake-off
🎈 Balloon challenge
🤔 Who’s who?
🥔 Potato tower challenge

🔥 Summer BBQ 🔥

When the days start getting lighter and the sun starts shining brighter, why not end the working day with a BBQ? You’ll need to be near a beach or park which allows BBQ’s to get this done, but if you’re in reach of one of these, then all you need is some drinks, food, and a disposable cooker. We celebrated our 5th birthday with a BBQ, and whenever we think about summer, we’re reminded of this epic day.

🍽️ Team meals 🍽️

Following on from the idea of bonding through food, why not reserve a large table at a local restaurant? Once again, this is a team building idea which doesn’t need to take up copious amounts of time, but it will still provide a great night for all. Simply send out a poll to all employees with a few restaurant options, and let them decide the winning one. By creating a poll, you won’t have any employees complaining about not liking anything on the menu. Genius.

⬇️ More epic team building ideas ⬇️

While the above suggestions are by far our most memorable, there’s still plenty of other ideas in the pipeline. See how you get on with this list of epic ideas, we’re pretty proud of it…

⛳ Crazy golf
🕴 Trampoline park
🏢 Escape room
🕵🏼 Scavenger hunt
🎶 Karaoke bar
🍳 Cooking class
🏅 Office olympics
🎲 Office trivia
🏇🏼 A day at the races

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