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We’ve partnered with Ruler Analytics!

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We’ve partnered with Ruler Analytics!

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you – we’ve now partnered with the amazing multi-touch marketing attribution platform, Ruler Analytics! With help from Ruler Analytics, we will be able to provide our clients with an even greater insight into how much revenue is being driven by particular marketing campaigns.

What is Ruler Analytics?

Ruler Analytics helps to ‘close the loop’ between online leads and offline revenue. Through integrating with Google Analytics and CRM systems, Ruler Analytics provides you with an extensive conversion path that you wouldn’t usually be able to see. To better understand the Ruler Analytics way of Closed Loop Tracking, check out the funnel below:

Ruler Analytics Loop Tracking Process

Why have we partnered with them?

We’re always looking for ways to better our services and give our clients the most accurate forms of data, and Ruler Analytics is going to help us do exactly that. Common problems that are solved through Ruler Analytics include:

💰 Having a high digital media spend, but no obvious signs of revenue
👉🏼 Multiple touchpoints during customer decision making
♻️ Long sales cycles
🏆 No view of lifetime value over multiple transactions

If we notice our clients facing the above, or similar issues, then Ruler Analytics will help us to provide the best resolution possible.

Want to benefit from Ruler Analytics?

With all of these benefits and so much more, partnering up with Ruler Analytics was a no brainer for us. From pitching ideas to seeing them in action, Ruler has provided us with valuable data every step of the way. You can check out our partnership page over on Ruler Analytics here.