Why writing styles are so important in content marketing

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Why writing styles are so important in content marketing

When it comes to successful content marketing, the message needs to not only resonate with the audience, but it will need to get them to take action as well. This requires a whole bunch of skills and resources, but what does an effective marketing style look like? What do you need to bear in mind when creating content marketing copy?

Why is writing style so important?

The word ‘style’ often conjures up images of fashion brands, but it’s just as important when it comes to writing, too. Style is a way of communicating and presenting a certain image – it’s about cultivating a message to your target audience through the thing that you’re portraying.

So, what needs to be remembered when it comes to writing style? In addition to the choice of vocabulary you choose, there’s also the reading level of the content, the tone of voice that suits your brand, how formal or informal the content is, and the actual visual representation and format of the text. For example, long paragraphs create a different style to short and snappy sections of text.

When choosing the style for your brand or campaign, it’s important to think about how these elements piece together to create something that perfectly matches your message and your intended audience.

Creating an emotional impact

Successful marketing typically gets an audience to feel a particular way and take action. Studies have shown that emotions are responsible for many of our decisions, playing a much more important role than logic when it comes to how we act. As content marketers, it’s our job to appeal to the emotional side of the brain. And, how do you achieve this? By writing in a certain style, of course.

When implementing your marketing style, it’s important to remember that humans are always evolving and the language they use evolves with this. Creating a genuine and authentic connection with your audience by relating to them should always be at the forefront of any message you put out – your readers will spot inauthenticity a mile away and it’s the quickest way to lose their trust.

Style earns trust

If you can create a writing style that matches your brand and ethos, you will be able to build trust with your target audience. The use of inappropriate language or sloppy writing will instantly deter readers from your brand, so it’s vital that you convey to your audience that you relate to them and that you respect their opinions and views.

The right style traverses the barriers of marketing and blurs the bridge between writer and reader – one of the key attributes of successful content marketing. But there’s more to effective style than just communication – great content also adds an artistic flair to the world as well.

Just as a beautiful piece of art helps us take notice and adds something special to the blandness of everyday life, brilliant content does the same thing. As marketers, our goal should always be to add value to people’s lives but also to add creativity and inspiration as well. Style is at the intersection of these two goals, bringing function and purpose together with originality and innovation.

How to create a writing style in marketing

There are various ways to incorporate style into your content. Here are a few key tips on how to successfully manage your copy:

👀 The best writers are also keen readers, so don’t forget to pay attention to how others are achieving their goals. Reading the works and content of others is a great way to learn from the masters and implement similar features into your own work.

⚖️ Following from this, don’t forget to be critical – note what it is about the content that makes it click and resonate. Is it the language, the format, the tone?

🖼️ Look at the bigger picture and think about what it is you’re hoping to achieve with your content – effective communication occurs when the quality over quantity rule is followed. You need to envision the type of world you want to create when you’re developing content and keep this vision a priority when you’re creating. How is your brand going to impact your audience? What do you want them to take away from the work you’re developing?

🗣️ Don’t fill your content with jargon that only a select few will understand – developing an effective style is about resonating with your audience and you can only do this if you’re talking to them in a way they can understand. It can be easy to assume that everyone knows what you’re talking about, simply because you understand it yourself, but don’t alienate your readers by failing to remember that not everyone has the exact same knowledge you have.

Let’s round up

To sum up, content marketing is at its most effective when there’s a consistent style in place, so as marketers, it’s important to outline the details you want to convey and then connect the dots to bring the reader in. This is done through:

‣ Keeping your audience engaged through emotive language
‣ Highlighting details that are important to the audience
‣ Thinking about the type of world you’re trying to create for your audience

In other words, where are you hoping your reader will end up and how is your content going to help them get there?

Timing is always of the essence when it comes to capturing the attention of readers. This is where style comes into play – an effective and memorable style will help you to show your audience that you can improve their lives in some way, which will help to retain their interest and transform them into loyal customers.