Your social media calendar for September 2019

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Your social media calendar for September 2019

There’s never any harm in having a bit of fun with your social media strategy; whether it be through a ‘behind the scenes’ insight, creative graphic, or any other form of successful content marketing method. And, while we agree that following every social media holiday or trending hashtag isn’t the best idea, there are no rules against using a few to your advantage.

It’s time to fine-tune your September social media strategy with help from our September social media holidays calendar. Simply add a few of these ideas to your current plan and you’ll be good to go!

Social media holidays in September 2019

social media holiday calendar september 2019

Sunday 1st September:
Monday 2nd September:

Tuesday 3rd September: Skyscraper Day 🏙️
Wednesday 4th September: Wildlife Day 🌳
Thursday 5th September: Day of Charity ⛑️
Friday 6th September: Read a Book Day 📖
Saturday 7th September: Beer Lover’s Day 🍻
Sunday 8th September: Grandparents Day 👵🏼🧓🏼
Monday 9th September: Literacy Day 🔠
Tuesday 10th September: Suicide Prevention Day 🙌🏼
Wednesday 11th September: 9/11 Remembrance 🇺🇸
Thursday 12th September: Video Games Day 🎮
Friday 13th September: Stand Up To Cancer Day ⬆️
Saturday 14th September:
Sunday 15th September: Batman Day 🦇
Monday 16th September: Guacamole Day 🥑
Tuesday 17th September:
Wednesday 18th September:
Thursday 19th September:
Friday 20th September:

Saturday 21st September: Gratitude Day ☺️
Sunday 22nd September: Business Women’s Day ♀️
Monday 23rd September: First Day of Autumn 🍁
Tuesday 24th September:
Wednesday 25th September: World Pharmacists Day 💊
Thursday 26th September: Fitness Day 💪🏼
Friday 27th September: Tourism Day 🗺️
Saturday 28th September:
Sunday 29th September: Heart Day ♥️
Monday 30th September: Podcast Day 🎙️

Fall in love with your social media profile again

With help from the above calendar, you’ll be well on your way to having a social media strategy which you’re proud of. However, if you’re a business looking to attract and convert customers; you’re going to need some targeted traffic to get the ball rolling. If you’d like to take your social media profile to new heights, get in touch with us today to learn about our paid social ad services. Our experts know exactly how to get you in the eyes of the right audience!