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Express Pharmacy

Express Pharmacy

Express Pharmacy is a UK-based online pharmacy, offering a huge range of treatments for patients all over the country. Since starting in 2009, Express Pharmacy has grown into one of the UK’s leading online pharmacies, certified through an NHS license. Not only this, but they are an online pharmaceutical company like no other, as patients can meet the advisory team in person if they wish to seek further guidance.

The challenge

Marketing effectively to generate a profit

Before approaching Bulldog, the Express Pharmacy website had the appearance of a successful e-commerce business. Just one quick look at the analytics showed high amounts of traffic, and the strong customer reviews further gave the impression that everything was heading in the right direction. Although this was the case to a certain extent, Express Pharmacy were facing a few challenges which needed rectifying as soon as possible. The main challenge was focused on the fact that they were getting very little return on their ever-increasing ad spends. Action was needed.

The solution

A huge dosage of marketing medicine

As Express Pharmacy had the goal of increasing sales through both paid search and organic search, a solid strategy was needed to cover all bases. Although increasing traffic was essential, the main focus was all about improving on the quality of customer so that sales were made and revenue was increased. This meant that all of Bulldog’s efforts would loop back round to one incredibly important factor of e-commerce: conversion rate optimisation.

Bulldog’s initial research helped to highlight some immediate issues with the site:
  • Return on ad spend was worryingly low
  • The website didn’t have much optimised content
  • Express Pharmacy’s link profile was fairly weak and needed improving
To address these challenges, the team took the following actions:
To get the ball rolling, Bulldog’s technical SEO team got to work on an extensive website audit. This audit helped to uncover any underlying pain points which the website was facing, as well as giving pointers towards what could contribute towards increasing conversion rates.
Through the help of the website audit and heatmap recordings, our CRO team were able to put the data to good use and tweak onsite elements to help increase conversion rates. As well as this, the design team instantly got to work on revamping the home page.
The Google Ad campaign required a rebuild, in order to tackle problems with overspending and to give it more structure.
Bulldog’s design team got to work on creating an epic content campaign to support a strong link building project; building on website authority and rankings. To keep this fresh and in the eyes of a modern market, a relevant campaign based around a ‘guide to holiday jabs’ was one of the first pieces of content published.
The results

Healthy conversion rates and revenue

Since February 2019, Express Pharmacy’s campaign has been getting stronger with each month. Overall ad spend has almost halved, meaning that the campaign is far more effective and the most structured it has ever been. And, although the ad spends halved, the campaign has continued to excel; there has been a 133% increase in conversion rates when compared year on year.
“The results have been excellent, as can be seen by huge improvements in ROI for PPC. Organic results are also improving thanks to insightful and commercially viable suggestions to improve the quality of traffic.”
Harman Bhamra
Head of E-commerce
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