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Homecare Preferred

Homecare Preferred

Homecare Preferred provide people with supported-living services, allowing them to stay in their homes while receiving the level of care they require. They needed a rejuvenated online presence and a major increase to page rankings. Bulldog still work with Homecare Preferred, as we continue to push their SEO rankings and drive more potential clients to their home-care services.

The challenge

Bring a boost to traffic and raise conversions through a new organic and paid digital strategy

Homecare was really behind and losing its battle against competitors to maintain an effective online presence. They needed better keyword rankings, to drive much higher levels of traffic to their site and new content to better convert these leads into customers. Having a fairly specific target audience, Homecare needed a thorough targeted keywords strategy to bolster their SEO and PPC campaigns for much more efficient performance.

the solution

A PPC campaign backed up by link building and content marketing

We came up with a multi-channel solution that would cover all of Homecare’s challenges. This included a PPC campaign alongside landing page creation that would drive relevant traffic, increase conversion rates and altogether boost the number of leads homecare were receiving. Keyword research into their industry was also planned out so we could target keywords - once these keywords were targeted our outreach team worked with our content team to build a solid infographic and link building campaign to boost these chosen keywords.

These are the core problems we found on initial analysis:
  • The site didn't have enough relevant, optimised content
  • Their backlink profile wasn’t as strong as it could be
  • The PPC campaign needed to be optimised and refined to better target key customers
  • Their site was not adequately optimised to rank highly for priority keywords
To address these challenges, the team took the following actions:
We implemented a multi-channel strategy that would address all of Homecare’s biggest challenges. This plan included a PPC campaign and landing pages that would draw in high value traffic, increase conversions and boost the amount of quality leads coming from the brands digital efforts.
We also conducted thorough keyword research to identify target keywords that would draw organic traffic and users that are looking to take action. Our outreach and content teams then went to work to build attractive infographic and link building campaigns which would suck in traffic by targeting these essential keywords. This content is designed to provide valuable information and position the brand as an authoritative entity in their industry.
By optimising all onsite content, increasing page loading speeds and improving layout, we made the website far more user friendly, and more effective at driving traffic to take action.
We developed a Facebook retargeting campaign to ensure that Homecare could recapture as many leads as possible. This campaign involves the use of highly persuasive ad-copy, eye-catching design and constant campaign tweaking.
the result

A huge boost in traffic and conversions for Homecare

“We have been working with Bulldog since March 2017 and can only say good things about them. They are professional, friendly and most importantly they know their digital media stuff that can help your companies growth.”
Nav Dhar
Franchise Manager
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