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Simply Plastics

Simply Plastics

Simply Plastics are a leading plastic supplier and fabricator, with over 30 years experience in the industry. From made-to-measure plastic sheets to acrylic rods and tubes; they will cater to near-enough any plastic-related need! Simply Plastics first approached Bulldog in 2015, with the main goal of growing online revenue.

The challenge

Entering a competitive landscape with a new website

When approaching Bulldog back in 2015, Simply Plastics were facing two incredibly tough online challenges. Firstly - their landscape was extremely competitive, meaning it was tough for the website to get found in the crowd. And, secondly, the Simply Plastics website was relatively new, meaning it didn’t have much authority.

With the main goals of driving traffic to the website and increasing online revenue, Simply Plastics needed a strategy which would cover both short-term and long-term visions.

The solution

Synching 3 marketing channels for short and long term success

In order to drive traffic, conversions and revenue right from the get-go, Bulldog decided that Simply Plastics would benefit from a strategy involving SEO, PPC and Content Marketing. All three of these channels needed to work in sync, to provide both short-term and long-term results.

Bulldog’s initial research helped to highlight a few main problems which needed solving:
  • Industry leaders were shadowing the Simply Plastics website
  • There was a real lack of content on the homepage and product pages
  • As well as low traffic, they were suffering from low conversion rates and revenue
To address these challenges, the team took the following actions:
Firstly, the PPC team got to work on creating an AdWords campaign to get above competitors and earn revenue, quickly.
We then began an organic search strategy, involving a combination of link building and content creation (both onsite and offsite).
A technical SEO audit was undertaken to identify all technical problems with the site. The technical audit’s recommendations were then implemented onto the site. As well as this, product and category page content was created, supported via a link building strategy.
Once the paid and organic strategies began generating traffic for the website, a retargeting campaign came to play. This ensured that a constant flow of ‘ready-to-buy’ customers were always being driven to the site.
The results

Smashing all targets, from increased traffic to revenue

Ever since working alongside Bulldog, Simply Plastics’ overall site revenue has risen significantly. Organic traffic has seen a 51.8% increase year on year, resulting in online revenue rising by 35.2%!
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