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Founded by Frank van Wezel in 1974, Hi-Tec are a global brand with distribution to over 85 countries. They specialise in hiking shoes and all things walking based, including footwear, clothing and accessories. Hi-Tec are the hiking brand of the year, a client that Bulldog were proud to have under their wing. They first approached Bulldog in March 2016 with the mission to increase their rankings, brand awareness and overall sales.

Campaign Goals

  • Improve online presence
  • Increase rankings
  • Increase sales
  • Increase Brand awareness

Our Strategy

In order to achieve optimal results for Hi-Tec’s SEO, Bulldog enforced a content marketing strategy of creating and distributing relevant high quality infographics to high authority websites, thus increasing Hi-Tec’s overall Google positions. These infographics were something that Bulldog would create to not only secure high authority features for Hi-Tec, but to increase relevant traffic to the site. We set out a six month plan for Hi-Tec’s content creation including infographic topics such as ‘The perfect dog walking guide’, ‘How to pick the perfect walking boots’ and ‘The UK’s top wildlife hikes’.

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In order to achieve exceptional results, Bulldog optimised Hi-Tec’s PPC campaign by identifying converting keywords, increasing click through rates and measuring ROI. In the space of six months we increase their conversion rate by 45%, which helped towards their 168% increase in traffic. The 6 infographics made for Hi-Tec were used to feature on blogs such as visitpeakdistrict, fionaoutdoors.co.uk and talesofamountainmama.com. Conducting boot reviews was another strategy that helped improve brand awareness and traffic to their site. Features on sites such as getoutwiththekids.co.uk, lifeinabreakdown.com and theoliversmadhouse.co.uk. Improving their online presence was one of our main objectives, by outreaching these creative bits of content we increased a number of Hi-Tec’s keywords by 428 positions overall.


increase in PPC conversions


infographics created


positions increased


traffic increase

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