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Georgia Sparrow

Posted by Georgia Sparrow

A guide to Trending Topics and hashtags

Creating content around trending topics keeps your brand relevant, interesting and current. Trending topics come in and out of popularity fast. This disposable outlook leads many to believe trends aren’t worth focusing on. Even though this may be the case,…
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Published on 24 Apr 2018

Georgia Sparrow

Posted by Georgia Sparrow

Snapchat’s value drops $1.3 billion after Kylie Jenner’s Tweet – The power of social influencers

All hail the new Queen of Social influence, Kylie Jenner. One woman, one tweet, one point three billion dollars. You heard it, Kylie Jenner has yet again dominated the age of Social Influencers. Whether it was a purposeful attack against Snapchat or…
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Published on 23 Feb 2018

Buzz Carter

Posted by Buzz Carter

Head of Outreach

What Will Happen To Digital Marketing In 2018?

After our roundup on the changes digital marketing has been through in 2017, we have got our best and brightest minds at Bulldog Digital Media to put together some predictions for how everything may change in 2018. Along with predictions…
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Published on 22 Dec 2017

Georgia Sparrow

Posted by Georgia Sparrow

How to use Social Media Ads for your Christmas Campaign

Noisy, overly complex Christmas Ads, busy, screaming email campaigns and predictable sales techniques are what reign over December. Is this the atmosphere you want your Social Media Ad to circulate around? We didn’t think so. But how do you get…
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Published on 4 Dec 2017

Georgia Sparrow

Posted by Georgia Sparrow

5 marketing tips and ideas for black Friday

Massive sales and relentless shopping; these are just two things that describe the chaotic day that is nearing, black Friday. And as we’re sure, your business is doing everything it can to prepare for the biggest money-making day of the…
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Published on 16 Nov 2017

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