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Our e-commerce SEO approach

  • Technical audits
    First things first, we’ll review your website from a technical perspective. We assess how best to get your website indexed by Google.
  • Design review
    The layout and look of an online store is just as important as the product it sells! We’ll go through and make sure your site is easy to navigate.
  • Product optimisation
    Sales copy plays a huge role in Ecommerce SEO, so here’s where your store really needs to pop!
  • Category page optimisation
    Category pages are essential for helping customers find their way around your store as smoothly as possible.
“As a result of our new Google rankings, we have gained more customers and seen a noticeable increase in our overall revenue. Even better, Bulldog has been monitoring the performance of our website and continually does proactive work to improve our different channels.”
Amy Cook
Business Operations Manager

More about e-commerce SEO

With the online world filling up with stores selling millions of products every day, getting the right customers to your online shop can be a daunting challenge. Our e-commerce SEO approach is all about attracting new and profitable traffic to your site with the glorious goal of converting as many of these leads into sales as possible.

We aim to: Improve your product rankings in search results, create enhanced search listings for all of your products, attract targeted traffic to your website, analyse and adapt your store's performance and nail down higher conversion rates.

Our e-commerce experts ensure your campaign is completely error-free before consulting any onsite changes. Common examples of no-no errors in e-commerce stores include things like duplicate content and faulty links. We’ll correct all the bugs and make sure engines like Google see your store as highly relevant and in tip-top shape. We’ll go through and make sure your site is easy to navigate, looks fantastic, and displays vital trust signals like security certificates and trusted payment gateways, all in the name of maximising your sales. We’ll define keyword targeting and use carefully measured calls to action to improve search rankings as well as light a fire under conversions. We also look at advanced tactics such as schema markup analysis and data highlighting to improve the way your products are crawled and ranked by the world's most powerful search engines.

Can you imagine how hard it would be to go around at Tesco if the shelves weren't organised into clear sections and aisles? The same principle applies to your online shop. Category pages are also great for SEO because they can be ranked for key search terms. Although we like to have a prime focus on driving new valuable traffic to your website, your existing traffic should also be utilised. Repeat sales and upselling is almost always a defining factor in online sales, so we assess the sales funnel to identify the points where customers seem to be turning away. We also highlight the areas where there’s great potential to increase sales. Through measures like split tests using Google Experiments, we’ll find the best solutions for your target customers and maximise your store's ability to turn visitors into customers.
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