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Our digital marketing experts will tailor a multi-channel marketing strategy based on your business and goals. The result? Multiple revenue streams!

Our approach to achieving long-term online growth

Monthly insight snapshots

We dive deep every month, offering you comprehensive reports that shed light on progress and key insights, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

Biannual alignment chats

Every six months, we initiate strategy discussions to align with your evolving goals, ensuring our partnership stays robust and results-driven.

Dynamic strategy evolution

Our approaches aren’t static. We pride ourselves on crafting intuitive strategies that flex and adapt, ensuring your goals are always within reach.

Marketing strategies that support your goals and suit your audience

I feel a lot more confident about working with a company that is really passionate about what they do. They make it easy for me to understand, and the results speak for themselves.

Marc Davis

Real-time KPI dashboard & monthly insights

Experience live KPI tracking through Looker Studio, aligned with your goals. Monthly reports ensure you’re consistently updated and informed.

Team access & biannual strategy sessions

Choose your channel and tap into our entire team’s expertise. Our biannual strategy touchpoints ensure that we’re consistently aligned with your objectives.

Seamless team integration

Consider us an extension of your core team. We collaborate closely with you and your staff for optimal results.

Marketing strategy services

Digital marketing strategies

Bespoke online marketing strategies tailored to drive growth by leveraging the latest trends and best practices. Perfect for those looking to have a multi-channel marketing strategy and drive more revenue.

Account management & support

We have dedicated managers that provide continuous support, ensuring seamless execution of your strategies. This helps to keep you in the loop, answer your questions and ensure your business progresses.

Monthly data reporting & roadmap progress

Regular updates that detail performance metrics and highlight room for improvement. Ideal for companies that need a transparent breakdown of online performance every single month.

Live looker studio for ecommerce

We use a real-time data visualisation tool, offering instant insights into performance metrics, user behaviour, and more. Great for those who want live data at the end of their finger tips at any given moment.

6 month business strategy reviews

Biannual deep dives into your strategies, ensuring alignment with business goals and market evolution. A must-have for every client to ensure we continually improve strategies and grow your business online.

SEOmonitor data forecasting

Leveraging advanced tools like SEOmonitor, we predict search trends and optimise strategies accordingly. This is an irresistible tool for businesses looking to keep tabs on their organic progress.

Frequently asked questions

Want to learn more about how digital marketing can benefit your business? Browse through these frequently asked questions or get in touch with our team today.

At Bulldog, we employ a holistic approach. We begin by understanding your business, target audience, and unique selling propositions. Using this, coupled with market research and competitor analysis, we craft tailored strategies that resonate with your audience, ensuring optimal growth and engagement.

Account management at Bulldog encompasses dedicated support throughout our partnership. This includes strategy execution, regular updates, problem resolution, and being a constant point of contact. We ensure that your needs are met promptly and that our strategies align with your business objectives.

Our live looker studio provides a real-time visualisation of crucial ecommerce metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, sales data, customer behaviour, and more. We customise the dashboard to highlight the metrics most relevant to your business, offering an instantaneous snapshot of your performance.

SEOmonitor is a cutting-edge tool we utilise to optimise our SEO strategies. It analyses keyword rankings, predicts search trends, and offers insights into competitor behaviour. By harnessing its capabilities, we can refine your SEO approach, ensuring you always rank prominently in search results.

Our biannual strategy reviews involve a comprehensive evaluation of the current strategy’s effectiveness. We delve into performance metrics, market shifts, and changes in business objectives. This ensures that our approach remains aligned with your goals and responds to any evolving market dynamics.

When you partner with Bulldog, you’re assigned a dedicated account manager who becomes your primary contact. Additionally, depending on the project’s requirements, you may also liaise with specialists from our team, such as strategists, SEO experts, or data analysts, ensuring expertise at every touchpoint.

Selecting the right agency boils down to expertise, transparency, and alignment with your goals. Look for an agency with a proven track record in ecommerce, transparent communication, and a willingness to understand and adapt to your unique business needs – like Bulldog.

This work has been done with excellent levels of communication. Quite simply this is how I would expect a high-level agency to work!

Harman Bhamra
Head of Ecommerce

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Digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing strategies encompass a comprehensive plan detailing how various online channels and tactics will be utilised to achieve business goals. By laying out a clear roadmap, these strategies lead a brand's entire digital approach, ensuring efforts across channels are aligned and purpose-driven. They support almost all other marketing deliverables, setting the stage for execution. For ecommerce businesses, a well-defined strategy can greatly enhance brand visibility, customer engagement, and sales conversions. It's fundamental for achieving sustainable growth online and meeting key business KPIs. We distinguish itself by crafting tailored digital marketing strategies that resonate deeply with each client's unique business needs, ensuring optimal results.

Account management & support

Account management & support involve dedicated professionals overseeing a client's marketing efforts, offering assistance, insights, and ensuring smooth campaign executions. This service ensures that digital strategies are implemented effectively and timely adjustments are made based on performance metrics. It supports and complements all other deliverables by ensuring they're executed to their fullest potential. Ecommerce businesses benefit from having expert oversight, ensuring campaigns run smoothly and objectives are consistently met. This aids in achieving seamless campaign executions and efficient problem-solving. Our team excels by providing exceptional client support, building strong relationships, and ensuring clients feel valued and understood.

Monthly data reporting & roadmap progress

Monthly data reporting & roadmap progress involve presenting regular performance updates on marketing campaigns, showcasing successes, areas of improvement, and future plans. This deliverable ensures businesses stay informed about their digital performance, allowing them to make informed decisions. It aligns closely with digital marketing strategies, SEOmonitor data forecasting, and live data studios, ensuring consistency in data interpretation. Ecommerce businesses greatly benefit by staying abreast of their performance, enabling timely course corrections. It's instrumental in tracking progress towards online objectives. We thrive in offering transparent, detailed, and actionable insights, ensuring clients have a clear understanding of their performance trajectory.

Live looker studio for ecommerce

Live looker studio for ecommerce is a real-time analytics dashboard tailored for online retailers, showcasing essential metrics from traffic sources to conversion rates. By offering real-time insights, it provides businesses an immediate pulse on their performance. This studio complements monthly data reporting and SEOmonitor data forecasting, giving a more immediate perspective. Ecommerce businesses gain by having instantaneous access to their performance data, empowering quick decision-making. This tool is pivotal in enabling businesses to react quickly to online trends or issues. Our strength lies in crafting intuitive, detailed, and actionable live data studios that make complex data accessible and understandable.

6 month business strategy reviews

6 month business strategy reviews entail a semi-annual deep dive into a business's digital performance, evaluating the success of executed strategies and outlining the direction for the next half-year. This deliverable ensures that long-term objectives remain in focus while adjusting to the ever-evolving digital landscape. It supports and revisits the original digital marketing strategies, ensuring they remain relevant. Ecommerce businesses benefit by having regular strategic reassessments, ensuring long-term goals are on track. It's vital for ensuring sustained growth and evolution in the online sphere. Our agency shines in its thorough, analytical, and forward-thinking approach, ensuring businesses are always ahead of the curve.

SEOmonitor data forecasting

SEOmonitor data forecasting is a data-driven approach to predict future SEO performance based on current trends and strategies. By providing a glimpse into potential future outcomes, it aids in strategic planning and expectation setting. This service closely aligns with digital marketing strategies and monthly data reporting, offering a forward-looking perspective. Ecommerce businesses gain a competitive edge by being able to anticipate market movements, adjust strategies proactively, and manage stakeholder expectations. It's invaluable in planning for future growth. Our team excels in providing accurate, clear, and actionable SEO forecasts, arming businesses with the insights needed for future success.

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CRO focuses on optimising the visitor-to-customer journey on your ecommerce site. While data reporting offers insights, CRO uses this data to tweak on-site elements, ensuring more visitors become customers. By understanding user behaviour through data reporting, CRO refines the user experience, complementing your overall strategic approach.

Email marketing targets customers directly through their inbox. Unlike broad data reporting, it’s a direct channel to engage and retarget. Using insights from data strategy, email campaigns can be tailored to customer segments, ensuring personalised touchpoints. Both services, when combined, can supercharge customer retention and conversion.

Ecommerce SEO enhances the visibility of your online store in search engines. Data reporting might offer SEO performance insights, but ecommerce SEO actively works to improve those metrics. By aligning SEO efforts with insights from data strategy, your store gets more organic visibility and traffic, ensuring a holistic growth strategy.

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