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Our approach to Amazon Ad domination

Audit and keyword insights

We start with an in-depth audit of your Amazon ad account, followed by audience and keyword research. This foundation helps us understand your current performance and areas for improvement.

Streamlined ad creation

This stage involves the careful optimisation or crafting of new advertisements. By using proven strategies, we make sure your ads are perfectly aligned with your target audience and goals.

Ongoing account growth

At Bulldog, we don’t just set and forget. We continuously manage, monitor, and optimise your ads to ensure ongoing success. By adapting to changes and trends, we help grow your account and increase performance on Amazon.

Amazon Ad campaigns that focus on your goals

The results have been excellent, as can be seen by huge improvements in ROI for PPC. I’ve been most impressed by the entrepreneurial mindset of the team.

Harman Bhamra 
Head of Ecommerce

Clear, user-friendly, data-driven solutions

We cut through the jargon to deliver easy-to-understand, data-led solutions. Our approach simplifies complexity, making success accessible.

Real-time KPI tracking aligned with your goals

With our live looker studio slide, we track your main KPIs in real-time, aligning them with your unique goals. It’s a transparent, efficient way to measure progress.

Amazon ad services

Amazon ad audit

An Amazon ad audit involves a comprehensive review of your Amazon advertising campaigns to identify areas for improvement. Ideal for companies that have an existing campaign with the potential to become something a lot bigger.

Amazon ads account creation

This involves setting up a new Amazon ads account, enabling businesses to advertise their products on the platform. Perfect for businesses new to the ad platform and in need of a professional setup.

Amazon sponsored brand ads

Amazon sponsored brand ads are paid advertisements that promote a brand's entire product line on Amazon. They’re really beneficial for businesses new to the platform and in need of greater brand exposure.

Amazon ads management

Amazon ads management involves the continuous monitoring, optimisation, and reporting of Amazon advertising campaigns. Suitable for new accounts or busy teams that don't have the time in-house.

Audience & keyword research

Audience & keyword research involves identifying target audiences and relevant keywords for Amazon advertising campaigns. Great for companies that have missing gaps in their current keyword targeting.

Amazon sponsored display ads

Amazon sponsored display ads are visually engaging advertisements that appear both on and off Amazon's platform, targeting specific audience segments. A fantastic way to add to the repertoire of amazon ad revenue.

Frequently asked questions

Want to learn more about how Amazon Ads can benefit your business? Browse through these frequently asked questions or get in touch with our team today.

Amazon ads are paid advertisements displayed on Amazon’s platform, allowing sellers to promote their products to a wide audience. These ads can appear on various Amazon pages, enhancing visibility and encouraging more users to visit your product or brand page.

Running Amazon ads involves selecting the right type of ad, defining your target audience, setting a budget, and creating engaging ad content. The process can be complex, but with Bulldog’s expertise, we can guide you through each step, ensuring your ads reach the right audience and deliver results.

Yes, you can run Google Ads that direct users to your Amazon product pages. This strategy combines the extensive reach of Google’s advertising network with Amazon’s robust ecommerce platform, creating additional pathways to drive traffic to your Amazon listings. We can help integrate these platforms seamlessly.

Choosing the right Amazon agency requires careful consideration of factors like experience, services offered, client testimonials, and alignment with your business goals. Look for an agency like Bulldog, known for its expertise, professionalism, and dedication to helping clients grow their Amazon presence.

Amazon offers various ad types, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display ads. Each serves different purposes, targeting specific audiences or showcasing particular aspects of your product or brand. Bulldog can assist in selecting the most appropriate ad type for your unique needs.

The cost of Amazon ads varies depending on factors like the type of ad, competition for keywords, and your budget settings. You can set daily or campaign-level budgets, and you typically pay per click. We can provide a customised approach to fit your budget and maximise your ROI.

Amazon ad results

Mixing up Drinkstuff’s online ads to serve a refreshing increase in sales across Google, Bing, and Amazon.

Unlocking the full potential of Fast Keys’ online presence with reliable SEO, PPC, and content that clicks.

Since working with Bulldog Digital Media, we’ve seen our PPC revenue growth over the years.

Laura Stagg
Head Of Ecommerce

Boost your return on investment today

Amazon ad audit

An Amazon ad audit is a comprehensive review of an existing Amazon Advertising account, focusing on its structure, campaigns, and performance metrics. This service is pivotal for brands aiming to amplify their Amazon presence, as it highlights areas ripe for optimisation and flags potential missed opportunities. The insights gained feed into and uplift other services, such as Amazon ads management and audience & keyword research. For ecommerce businesses, this means a clearer understanding of their ad spend efficiency, the effectiveness of their strategies, and the paths for future growth. By offering insights into the current status and potential avenues, this audit aligns perfectly with businesses' online aspirations. We sets ourselves apart by delivering in-depth, actionable insights with each audit, positioning clients for enhanced success on Amazon's massive marketplace.

Amazon ads account creation

This refers to the initial setup of a new Amazon Advertising account, ensuring its structured aptly to match a brand's goals and the nature of its products. A streamlined and well-configured account sets the foundation for all ensuing promotional endeavours on Amazon. It's a stepping stone to services like Amazon ads management and provides a base for the audience & keyword research. For ecommerce ventures, it translates to a prepared platform from which they can launch and supervise their ad campaigns, optimising their outreach from the onset. Proper setup is crucial to online aspirations, ensuring a brand starts off on the right foot. We stand out by crafting Amazon ads accounts with finesse, ensuring brands are positioned for success from day one.

Amazon sponsored brand ads

Amazon sponsored brand ads are headline-search ads that appear at the top of Amazon search results, showcasing a brand and a selection of its products. These ads drive traffic directly to the brand's product listing or its Amazon Store. They complement and are supported by audience & keyword research, and fall under the purview of Amazon ads management. Ecommerce businesses benefit immensely by enjoying elevated brand visibility and a chance to highlight key products directly to interested shoppers. This promotes brand awareness, aiding online goals like increased sales and market presence. Our expertise in crafting compelling sponsored brand ads ensures clients' brands are front and centre, capturing shoppers' attention effectively.

Amazon ads management

This service revolves around continuous oversight, optimisation, and management of ad campaigns on Amazon's platform. It is instrumental in ensuring the campaigns remain productive and profitable. This management service is interconnected with and enhanced by audience & keyword research, and covers the gamut from sponsored brand to display ads. Ecommerce entities gain a trusted partner who fine-tunes campaigns for peak ROI, ensuring budgets are spent judiciously and reach is maximised. This hands-on management is crucial for realising online ambitions, such as driving conversions and amplifying visibility. Our proactive approach and attention to detail mean campaigns are consistently optimised for top-tier results.

Audience & keyword research

This service digs deep into understanding the target audience's buying behaviours, preferences, and the keywords they use while searching on Amazon. Serving as the backbone for most advertising efforts, this research ensures ads are finely tuned to target the most relevant audience segments. The insights gained bolster Amazon ads management and inform the creation of both sponsored brand and display ads. Ecommerce brands, by leveraging this tailored research, can ensure their outreach is spot-on, leading to better engagement and conversion rates. Targeting the correct audience and using the right keywords are foundational for any online goals. We are renowned for its exhaustive research, ensuring that ad campaigns are grounded in profound insights for maximum impact.

Amazon sponsored display ads

These are self-service display ads that reach audiences both on and off Amazon. They are particularly effective for retargeting, reminding viewers of products they've viewed but haven't purchased. Supported by the insights from audience & keyword research, these ads complement a brand's overall Amazon ads strategy managed under Amazon ads management. Ecommerce brands gain a tool that boosts product visibility, re-engages potential customers, and potentially drives conversions. For businesses with online ambitions of heightened brand recall and conversion rates, these ads are indispensable. Our team, with its blend of creativity and strategy, ensures these display ads aren't just visually captivating, but also conversion-centric, making every impression truly count.

Similar services you may be interested in

Unlike paid Amazon ads, Amazon SEO focuses on enhancing product listings to organically rank higher in Amazon’s search results. It complements paid advertising by driving natural, unpaid traffic, and can work in tandem with Amazon ads to ensure a comprehensive online presence.

This service utilises Google’s vast advertising network to create and manage paid advertisements, including product listings on Google Shopping. While Amazon ads are platform-specific, Google Ads have a broader reach, targeting users across various Google platforms. Used together, these services can maximise exposure both on Amazon and the wider web.

Similar to Google’s offerings, Microsoft Ads provide paid advertising solutions across the Bing network. While Amazon ads focus solely on the Amazon platform, Microsoft Ads can reach a different demographic and complement the main service by expanding visibility. Integration of these platforms can provide a diversified and balanced advertising strategy.

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