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If you want to target as many customers as possible, it’s time to reach new corners of the internet through Microsoft Ad campaigns! Curated by our experts, Microsoft Ads unlock potential in a less saturated market, guaranteeing a new stream of sales.

Our approach to crafting irresistible Microsoft Ads

Audit and research

We kickstart your campaign with a thorough audit of your existing Microsoft ad account. This groundwork ensures we target the right audience.

Create or refine ads

Next, we either optimise existing ads or create new ones. We craft compelling and engaging ads tailored to your audience, enhancing your click-through rates.

Ongoing management and growth

Lastly, we don’t just set it and forget it. We continuously manage, monitor, and tweak your campaigns to ensure optimal growth, making adjustments as needed to achieve your advertising goals.

Microsoft Ad campaigns that won’t get left in the dark

I’ve been impressed with the ability to understand the challenges that the business faced at the time and adjust PPC / SEO accounts accordingly. 

Harman Bhamra
Head of Ecommerce

Clear, user-friendly solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering jargon-free, easy-to-use and data-driven solutions. It ensures clarity and effectiveness in your ecommerce marketing strategies.

Real-time KPI tracking

Our live looker studio slide offers real-time tracking of main KPIs, aligning them with your goals. It’s about keeping you informed and aligned with every step of the journey.

Microsoft ad services

Microsoft ad audit

A thorough examination of your existing Microsoft ad campaigns to identify areas for improvement and optimisation. Ideal for companies that have an existing campaign with the potential to become something a lot bigger.

Microsoft ads account creation

Setting up a new Microsoft Ads account that includes campaign strategy, ad design, and targeting. Perfect for businesses new to the Microsoft Ad platform and in need of a professional setup.

Microsoft shopping management

Managing your product listings and ads on the Microsoft Shopping platform. A great addition to a newly formed or audited account to ensure tip-top performance.

Microsoft ads management

Continuous monitoring, optimisation, and management of your Microsoft ad campaigns. Once again, a great addition to a newly formed or audited account to ensure tip-top performance.

Audience & keyword research

Analysing and identifying the right audience and keywords for your Microsoft Ads. A must-have for companies with missing gaps in their campaigns from poor audience tracking and minimal keyword targeting.

Microsoft display ads

Creation and management of visual ads that appear across the Microsoft Display Network. A fantastic way to add to the repertoire of Google ad revenue and reach customers on different parts of the journey.

Frequently asked questions

Want to learn more about how Microsoft Ads can benefit your business? Browse through these frequently asked questions or get in touch with our team today.

Microsoft shopping campaigns allow advertisers to showcase their products directly within the Bing search results. These visual product ads include product images, prices, and business names, providing a convenient way for consumers to compare products.

Microsoft Ads include Search ads that appear on Bing’s search results, Display ads shown across various websites, and Shopping ads for product listings. Each type serves a unique purpose and targets different audiences.

The cost of Microsoft Ads varies based on factors like bidding strategy, keywords targeted, competition, and ad quality. It operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, so you pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

Microsoft Ads work through a bidding system where advertisers bid on specific keywords. Ads are displayed based on relevance, bid amount, and ad quality, ensuring that the most pertinent ads are shown to users.

Choosing the right agency involves evaluating experience, credentials, understanding of your industry, and alignment with your goals. Look for agencies like Bulldog that have a proven track record in delivering tailored Microsoft advertising strategies.

Microsoft Ads can be highly effective in reaching targeted audiences, especially in markets where Bing has significant user engagement. It often complements other advertising channels, potentially increasing ROI and diversifying your marketing strategy.

The cost for Microsoft Ads management varies based on the complexity of campaigns, agency expertise, and the level of service required. Investing in a professional agency like Bulldog ensures optimal performance and strategic alignment with your business objectives.

Microsoft ad results

Mixing up Drinkstuff’s online ads to serve a refreshing increase in sales across Google, Bing, and Amazon.

Providing a full digital marketing strategy and a healthy boost in online revenue for London’s devoted pharmacy.

Since working with Bulldog Digital Media, we’ve seen our PPC revenue grow over the years.

Laura Stagg
Head Of Marketing

Boost your return on investment today

Microsoft ad audit

A Microsoft ad audit is a detailed examination of an existing Microsoft Advertising account to evaluate its performance, setup, and strategies. This in-depth review is pivotal in shaping decisions in the digital advertising sphere, shedding light on areas that need tweaking or potential opportunities ripe for the picking. The audit findings can influence and enhance other services, such as Microsoft ads management and audience & keyword research. Ecommerce businesses can harness this insight to better understand their advertising ROI, the efficiency of their campaigns, and potential strategies to explore. Aligning with online goals, a Microsoft ad audit provides a clear pathway to boost conversions and minimise wastage. We excel in this domain by bringing a blend of expertise and precision to every audit, ensuring a clear, actionable roadmap for clients.

Microsoft ads account creation

This service involves the initial setup of a new Microsoft Advertising account, making certain it's correctly structured and aligned with the business's marketing objectives. A well-configured account is the linchpin for any successful digital advertising endeavour, laying the groundwork for all subsequent promotional activities. This step naturally leads into Microsoft ads management and benefits from the insights derived from audience & keyword research. Ecommerce brands get a robust platform from which they can propel and oversee their advertising campaigns, ensuring they're optimised from the start. By setting the right tone and structure initially, businesses can better meet their online objectives of visibility and conversion. We stand out by meticulously crafting Microsoft Ads accounts that act as the perfect launchpad for advertising success.

Microsoft shopping management

Overseeing the product listing ads that surface in Microsoft's shopping results falls under this deliverable. Integrated into the broader digital marketing strategy, it ensures that products get prime visibility when users carry out relevant searches. This facet dovetails seamlessly with Microsoft ads management and draws rich insights from audience & keyword research. Ecommerce businesses stand to gain as their products enjoy increased visibility, translating to more clicks and potential conversions. Achieving online goals becomes more tangible, with Microsoft shopping management driving targeted, interested traffic to product listings. Our expertise shines here, with our team ensuring clients' products are always in the limelight, targeting the right audience effectively.

Microsoft ads management

This service encapsulates the continual monitoring, optimisation, and oversight of advertising campaigns on the Microsoft Advertising platform. At the heart of a digital advertising strategy, robust ads management ensures campaigns are always tuned for peak performance. This is intricately connected with audience & keyword research, as well as Microsoft shopping management. Ecommerce operations benefit from increased market visibility, judicious budget allocation, and enhanced sales conversions. This diligent management is the key to achieving desired online outcomes such as optimised ROAS and effective customer outreach. Our strength is palpable here; our hands-on approach ensures every campaign is honed for exceptional performance, delivering consistent results.

Audience & keyword research

This entails pinpointing target demographics and discerning the keywords they are likely to employ in their search activities. This foundational process ensures ad campaigns are laser-focused, targeting the ideal audience using the most pertinent terms. This research underpins and augments all other deliverables, especially when it comes to crafting and managing ads, both display and shopping. Ecommerce ventures gain a competitive edge by ensuring their outreach is hyper-relevant, which naturally leads to better conversion rates. By targeting the apt audience and keywords, online ambitions like heightened visibility and engagement become more realisable. Our exhaustive research techniques are unmatched, ensuring that every ad campaign is deeply anchored in meaningful market insights.

Microsoft display ads

These are visual advertisements shown across the Microsoft Audience Network, reaching users on various partnered sites. When woven into a digital strategy, they're instrumental for cultivating brand recognition and retargeting efforts. Display ads synergise well with audience & keyword research, guaranteeing the right demographic is engaged with striking visuals. Ecommerce businesses can harness these ads as a potent tool for product recall or to entice potential customers with products they've previously viewed. These ads are quintessential for online goals, enhancing brand presence and engagement across the web. Our fusion of creativity and strategy ensures that our display ads don't just catch the eye – they compel action, making every impression count.

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Google’s advertising platform offers search, display, and shopping ads across Google’s vast network. While similar to Microsoft Ads, Google reaches a broader audience. Integrating both provides a more extensive reach, catering to both Bing and Google users.

Social media advertising focuses on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Unlike search-based Microsoft Ads, these target users based on interests and behaviour. Combining both allows for a balanced strategy, reaching potential customers at different stages of their buying journey.

Amazon’s advertising service specifically targets Amazon’s marketplace shoppers. It’s more product-oriented compared to Microsoft’s broader ad options. Utilising both services allows for a synergy where Microsoft can draw traffic, and Amazon can convert those in a shopping mindset, creating a comprehensive ecommerce strategy.

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