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How we drive organic success on Amazon

Uncover keywords and market insights

We delve into the market, identifying key search terms and insights that’ll drive your Amazon listings to success. This targeted research forms the basis of a robust strategy.

Craft and fine-tune your listings

Optimising content for your Amazon listings is essential. Our expert team crafts persuasive, search-friendly content that engages shoppers and turns them into buyers.

Track, test, and refine rankings

We keep an eye on performance, testing and refining strategies to ensure optimal positioning and sales growth.

Data-driven strategies that let you take advantage of the internet’s biggest marketplace

The results we have seen from working with Bulldog speak for themselves, and we have seen huge increases across the board.

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Data-driven, user-friendly marketing solutions

We cut through the jargon to deliver clear, data-led strategies, making ecommerce marketing accessible and effective for your team. Your success is our priority.

Amazon experts with hands-on experience

Our seasoned Amazon team manage their own Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) projects. This real-world experience translates to proven strategies for your business.

Amazon SEO services

Amazon keyword research

Identifying the most relevant and profitable keywords that potential customers are using to search for products on Amazon. This helps to build a foundation of keywords and new opportunities to target.

Amazon market insights

Comprehensive analysis of market trends, competitor strategies, and consumer behaviour within your Amazon marketplace. Perfect for those who are getting into new markets and need a thorough breakdown.

Amazon listing graphic designs

Creating visually appealing graphics for your Amazon listings, tailored to resonate with your target audience. This is a must-have for amazon listings that are missing out on conversions due to a lack of attractiveness.

Amazon listing optimisation

The process of enhancing product listings on Amazon with strategic keywords, high-quality images, and persuasive copy to improve visibility and conversions. Ideal for those who have a lack of data-led content on their listing.

Amazon A+ content

Enhanced brand content on Amazon that includes videos, comparison charts, and more, offering a richer customer experience. A great addition to an already thriving amazon listing to boost rankings and conversions.

Amazon rank tracking

Continuously monitoring rankings and analysing trend data related to your Amazon listings. Great for brands on amazon who are not fully aware of their current organic performance or profitable keywords.

Frequently asked questions

Want to learn more about how Amazon SEO can benefit your business? Browse through these frequently asked questions or get in touch with our team today.

Amazon SEO refers to the process of optimising your product listings to appear higher in Amazon’s search results. Utilising relevant keywords, high-quality images, and compelling copy, it aims to increase the visibility of your products, thus leading to more clicks, conversions, and sales.

SEO on Amazon works by understanding the algorithms that determine how products rank in search results. It involves selecting appropriate keywords, optimising product titles, descriptions, images, and more to align with these algorithms. Consistent monitoring and adjusting to market trends ensure that your products remain visible and attractive to potential customers.

Improving Amazon SEO requires a strategic approach. Start by conducting keyword research to identify relevant and high-ranking terms. Enhance your product listings with compelling descriptions, high-resolution images, and customer reviews. Monitoring performance and adapting strategies based on data analysis can further enhance your rankings on Amazon.

Selecting the right Amazon SEO agency involves evaluating their experience, success stories, understanding of Amazon’s algorithms, and alignment with your business goals. Look for transparent communication, customised strategies, and an agency that stays updated with Amazon’s ever-changing guidelines. A partnership with the right agency can lead to significant growth on the platform.

Optimising Amazon listings requires a multifaceted approach. Focus on integrating relevant keywords in the title, bullet points, and description. Use high-quality images and include engaging A+ content if eligible. Regularly monitor performance, encourage reviews, and adapt strategies as needed to maintain a strong presence on Amazon.

The cost of Amazon SEO can vary based on the complexity of your needs, the agency you choose, and the level of competition in your market. Investing in professional Amazon SEO ensures a return through increased sales and visibility.

While both Amazon SEO and Google SEO aim to increase visibility, their focus differs. Amazon SEO is product-driven, concentrating on conversions and sales within the platform. Google SEO aims to drive traffic to websites and improve overall search engine rankings. The algorithms, strategies, and keywords used may differ significantly between these two platforms.

Amazon SEO related results

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Mixing up Drinkstuff’s online ads to serve a refreshing increase in sales across Google, Bing, and Amazon.

We’ve had data-led, exceptionally good deliverables, clear communication and nice people to work with.

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Amazon keyword research

Amazon keyword research involves identifying terms and phrases potential customers use while searching for products on Amazon. This process is foundational for any Amazon-focused digital strategy, as it ensures that product listings align with user search behaviour. The insights from this research directly influence Amazon listing optimisation, A+ content creation, and rank tracking strategies. For ecommerce businesses operating on Amazon, understanding and implementing the right keywords can propel their products to the forefront of search results, driving increased sales. By focusing on these pivotal keywords, ecommerce brands can effectively position their products to be easily discoverable, aligning with online goals of visibility and revenue generation.

Amazon market insights

Amazon market insights involve a deep dive into the platform's market trends, competitor analysis, and customer preferences. This data-driven approach informs digital strategies, ensuring brands remain competitive and adaptive in the ever-evolving Amazon ecosystem. The insights gleaned support listing optimisation, graphic designs, and content strategies tailored for Amazon. Ecommerce businesses benefit from these insights by gaining a competitive edge, understanding market gaps, and catering directly to customer needs. By leveraging these market insights, businesses can align their strategies to maximise sales and brand presence.

Amazon listing graphic designs

This deliverable pertains to the creation of visually compelling images and graphics tailored specifically for Amazon product listings. Aesthetically pleasing and informative graphics are essential for an effective Amazon digital strategy, as they enhance product appeal and convey key information. These designs complement listing optimisation efforts and can be enhanced by insights from market research. For ecommerce entities, captivating graphics can be the differentiator, capturing customer attention and leading to increased click-throughs and conversions.

Amazon listing optimisation

Amazon listing optimisation involves refining product titles, descriptions, and backend search terms to enhance visibility on the platform. Drawing from keyword research and market insights, this step is crucial for an Amazon-centric digital strategy. The optimised listings can further be complemented with A+ content and tracked for performance using rank tracking tools. Ecommerce brands on Amazon benefit immensely from optimised listings, as they result in higher search visibility, increased click-through rates, and ultimately, more sales.

Amazon A+ content

Amazon A+ content involves the use of enhanced visuals and rich text formats to provide a more immersive product narrative. Integral to an Amazon-focused digital strategy, A+ content utilises insights from market research, keyword findings, and listing graphic designs to craft compelling product stories. Ecommerce businesses leveraging A+ content can expect increased conversions, as this enriched format addresses customer queries more comprehensively and enhances brand perception.

Amazon rank tracking

Amazon rank tracking tools monitor the position of product listings for specific keywords over time. This is vital for understanding the effectiveness of an Amazon SEO strategy, allowing brands to adjust tactics based on real-time performance data. Rank tracking supports and is influenced by keyword research, listing optimisation, and A+ content strategies. Ecommerce businesses benefit by gaining a clear perspective on their product's visibility, helping adjust strategies for maximum impact. Tracking rankings aligns with online goals of increased visibility and understanding market dynamics.

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Amazon ads are paid advertisements that appear on the Amazon platform to promote products. Unlike Amazon SEO, which focuses on organic search results, Amazon ads provide immediate visibility through paid placements. When combined with Amazon SEO, they can amplify brand exposure and increase sales.

Ecommerce SEO involves optimising online stores to appear higher in search engine results, such as Google. While Amazon SEO specifically targets Amazon’s platform, Ecommerce SEO focuses on broader online visibility. Together, both services can enhance your online presence across multiple channels, creating a cohesive online marketing strategy.

Shopify SEO tailors SEO strategies specifically for stores hosted on Shopify. It’s different from Amazon SEO as it doesn’t target Amazon’s platform but works towards optimising a Shopify store. When used alongside Amazon SEO, it allows for a consistent and well-rounded approach, ensuring visibility both on Amazon and your independent online store.

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