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Our approach to Digital PR

  • Strategic Communications
    Everything starts with a thorough plan tailored for your position. We’ll build a communications strategy with a topical agenda carefully selected to place your brand as a leading authority.
  • Press Office & Media Relations
    We’ve spent years building great relationships with an army of powerful online journalists and key influencers. We’ll leverage these contacts to boost awareness of your brand and get your online presence pumping.
  • Thought Leadership
    The other side of effective content marketing is the creation of knockout answers to your target markets most important questions. We’re adept at writing features, blogs, and building sources that attract the right users for all the right reasons.
  • Research & data analysis
    We love staying on top of emerging trends, and crunching the numbers to identify moves that’ll return the greatest results. We’re straight up data nerds and we’re not ashamed to admit it!
“The team at Bulldog are always incredibly helpful and always on hand to answer quick or complex questions. They have consistently delivered impressive results, all of which we can track within the wonderful Bulldog Reports tool. I would happily recommend them to anybody looking to improve their SEO.”
Henry Collins
Operations Director

More about Digital PR

From analysing client data to highlight key areas for growth, in-depth market research, or sourcing the latest and most fascinating news hooks to generate powerful media outreach, we’ll dig deep to uncover the most impactful opportunities that your business can exploit. Your communications strategy needs to fall perfectly in line with your businesses core marketing objectives, so we’ll start by sitting down with you to ensure we have a clear understanding of where you are and exactly where you want to be. Through the publication of carefully constructed infographics and press releases, we’ll get your target audience excited about your emergence as a leading figure in your field. This level of content marketing spreads awareness like wildfire while also playing a huge role in building volumes of quality links that are essential for effective SEO. Every digital strategy should be founded on the facts and we’ve developed a series of methodologies over the years that make the best use of the latest tools and techniques in digital strategy. We’ll devise specific tactics based on key industry insights, the gaps left by your competitors, and the strengths of your business.

How can Bulldog help you? If you wanna see examples of how we’ve helped other brands in the past, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to show you the impact we’ve created in our most recent work! Our digital PR pricing is usually based on a day rate. The number of days required can vary greatly from client to client. It depends entirely on your current situation and your ambitions for future growth. You’ve probably already got a PR strategy in place or perhaps a team currently working on your digital presence. We’re happy to provide agency support that fits perfectly with your current setup. If you’re starting from scratch, our team is ready and more than willing to help construct your PR strategy entirely from the ground up. Either way, the possibilities are wide open and we’ll be happy to explain step by step how we can bring some serious firepower to your digital campaigns.
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