We're AdRoll certified! Congratulations PPC team - Bulldog

We’re AdRoll certified! Congratulations PPC team

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We’re AdRoll certified! Congratulations PPC team

We’ve done it! Tom Dodkin and I have passed the AdRoll training course and are now AdRoll certified. I’m very proud that Bulldog Digital Media can now say we are AdRoll certified. This has not only helped us learn new things but with our newfound knowledge, we can offer an expert PPC service to our clients with the certificate to prove it.

Ah, just look at those beautiful certificates.

Olly Adroll certificate



What do these certificates mean for our clients?

With these certificates, we’ve gained an even broader insight into AdRoll and how to utilise this into each PPC campaign we make. I’m extremely happy that we have both passed and proven that our PPC genius is recognised by AdRoll.

It’s easy to see why a certificate would be beneficial to us, but how does it help our clients? We had to complete a training course with Adroll in order to gain the certificate. That meant going back to the basics, digging deeper into our techniques and strategies for PPC, and adding to our knowledge within the area.

In other words, we’ve learnt more than we have ever known, which means, every PPC campaign will have our new insight into generating traffic and conversions. Our clients hire us to deliver, and we always do; however, with these certifications, we can now deliver at a higher level.

Tom Adroll certificate

Hold up. What is AdRoll and what has it got to do with PPC?

Alright, we know that not everyone knows about AdRoll. So, for those of you who have no idea why we’re so hyped about our new certificates, here’s what AdRoll is all about explained by Tom:

“AdRoll is a sophisticated remarketing platform that enables businesses to advertise their itinerary across the internet ad space. Chances are you’ve seen and maybe even engaged with an AdRoll ad at some point this week already!

They’re known in the industry as a remarketing specialist and utilise different platforms across the web, mobile and even social media. Because our campaigns on Ad Roll specifically target people who have at some point already been to your business’s website, the user intent is already very high, meaning we can optimise the ads and campaigns and watch the conversions (ad)roll in.

It works primarily the same way as PPC does, so we have transferred our expertise through other paid channels such as Adwords and Bing to our Ad Roll campaigns. The ability to target users based on their behaviour, intent and demographic was too good an opportunity to not get involved with. ”

Have you got any questions?

Send us your questions in the comments below. While you’re here, give this post a like & share to celebrate that Bulldog is now AdRoll certified!