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£180 per link

We know you have an impressive business, but does Google? Building super-strong and highly relevant backlinks helps to boost your site’s authority, impacting rankings and overall brand presence.

Link building that moves the needle

Flexible link building

£180 per link
  • High DR 25-70 relevant backlinks
  • Links live in 30 days
  • 500-word article included
  • Dedicated account management
  • Custom or expert anchor plan
  • Trackable unique links
  • Trial orders available

Our expert approach to high-quality link building

Audit, research & benchmark

We start by conducting a comprehensive backlink audit, analysing competitors, and setting link benchmarks. This tailored approach ensures a strategy that aligns with your unique business goals.

Targeted outreach & link building

Our focus shifts to outreach, connecting with relevant sites to build strong links with strategic anchors. Precision targeting maximises your link’s value and relevance, boosting your site’s authority.

Monitor, adjust & grow

We keep a close eye on live links, monitoring results and making necessary adjustments. This continuous evaluation ensures consistent growth and adaptation to the ever-changing digital landscape.

Highly relevant backlink acquisition that empowers your website

Bulldog adapts to the client’s needs, whether in management style or communication. Communication with the team is flawless. 

Tomas Gvazdauskas
Off-site SEO Specialist

Versatile link building for all niches

At Bulldog, we offer link building services that adapt to your specific needs and niche. Our flexible approach ensures that we work in harmony with your unique requirements.

Seamless Ahrefs API integration

We employ Ahrefs integration to efficiently avoid duplicate links within your backlink profile. This smart technology ensures a streamlined and effective backlink strategy tailored to your site’s needs.

Quality assurance with meticulous monitoring

Our commitment to quality is uncompromising. By spot-checking links and monitoring 11 critical metrics, including traffic trends, we guarantee that every link adds value and aligns with our high standards.

High-quality, relevant links

Link building services

Backlink acquisition

Actively gaining links from other websites to increase a site’s authority and visibility. A must-have strategy for those looking to bolster out their backlink profile, driving traffic and rankings.

Keyword research & anchor plans

Analysis of relevant keywords and planning of anchor texts to guide SEO efforts. Ideal for those that don’t know what keywords they should be targeting to drive traffic.

Link building strategy

A comprehensive plan to create relevant connections between websites, increasing authority and visibility. Perfect for those looking for a multi-backlink strategy.

Backlink audit

A detailed examination of a site’s existing backlinks to assess quality, relevance, and performance. It’s necessary to have a review of existing backlinks before building additional links.

Internal link optimisation

The strategic use of placing links within a site to improve navigation and SEO performance. Helps to aid onsite improvements as well as offsite efforts like link building.

Keyword opportunity analysis

Identification and evaluation of untapped keyword opportunities to drive further growth. Great for those ranking well and in need of finding additional opportunities to target.

Frequently asked questions

Want to learn more about how link building can benefit your business? Browse through these frequently asked questions or get in touch with our team today.

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. It’s a crucial aspect of search engine optimisation (SEO) as search engines use links to navigate between individual pages on the web, and links from authoritative sites can enhance a site’s credibility and ranking.

Link building boosts SEO by increasing a site’s authority and relevance. High-quality backlinks are perceived by search engines as endorsements. The more reputable sites linking to yours, the higher your site ranks in search engine results, enhancing visibility and organic traffic.

At Bulldog, we sell links for £180 per link for normal niches. Any specialist niches such as Casino, CBD we charge £300 per link. Lastly, for white-label link building for Agencies, our pricing is based on per link and starts at £120 per link.

The cost of link building varies based on several factors including the quality, quantity, and type of links, as well as the overall strategy’s complexity. We offer bulk discounts on larger orders of links, too; feel free to get in touch for more details! 

Yes, link building is a worthwhile investment for most online businesses. By creating meaningful connections with other sites, link building enhances search engine visibility, drives more organic traffic, and builds credibility, contributing significantly to your online growth.

At Bulldog, we acquire links across various niches, tailoring our approach to your specific industry and target audience. Our vast network and research-driven strategy enable us to find and build links that resonate with your brand and objectives.

Choosing the right link building agency involves considering factors like experience, transparency, customisation, and past client feedback. We prioritise your specific needs, offers transparent reporting, and has a proven track record of delivering results.

We focus on several metrics such as domain authority, relevance, traffic, anchor text, and the quality of the linking site. These metrics ensure that the links align with your goals and contribute positively to your online presence.

Yes, at Bulldog, content is an integral part of our link building strategy. We craft high-quality, relevant content that not only supports the links but also adds value to the readers, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

The number of links needed to rank better depends on various factors like your industry, competition, current site authority, and specific goals. At Bulldog, we conduct a thorough analysis to determine the optimal number of links for your particular situation, ensuring a balanced and effective strategy.

Link building results

Moulding Simply Plastics’ digital presence with clear-cut, polished SEO, content, and PR strategies that reflect success.

Boosting online vitality with content and backlink acquisition that supplements Vitabiotics’ product pages.

We have worked with them on producing content and link building to help improve our organic traffic which has also seen great results.

Laura Stagg
Head of Marketing

Boost your online presence with Bulldog

Backlink acquisition

Backlink acquisition is the process of procuring quality links from other reputable websites. This effort is instrumental in improving a site's domain authority, and in turn, its search engine rankings. This process complements content marketing, influencer partnerships, and PR endeavours. For ecommerce businesses, securing authoritative backlinks can drastically improve their site's visibility for critical product searches. This aids in online ambitions like boosting organic traffic and credibility. At Bulldog, we excel at fostering relationships and utilising tried-and-tested techniques to acquire backlinks that not only increase authority but also bring in relevant traffic.

Keyword research & anchor plans

Keyword research and anchor plans involve identifying pivotal keywords for your business and strategising how they can be incorporated into backlinks. This process strengthens the relevancy of backlinks and enhances keyword rankings. It's foundational for content creation, PPC campaigns, and even social media marketing. Ecommerce businesses benefit as this ensures they rank higher for product-related keywords, directly influencing sales. Achieving goals like heightened visibility and organic sales become more feasible. Our expertise ensures thorough keyword research, ensuring businesses target terms that drive results, combined with anchor text plans that maximise backlink potential.

Link building strategy

A link building strategy is a plan devised to secure high-quality backlinks to a website. This is central to any SEO effort, as backlinks are significant ranking factors for search engines. The strategy provides direction to backlink acquisition, content marketing, and even PR campaigns. For ecommerce businesses, a robust link building strategy bolsters domain authority and trustworthiness, thus improving search visibility for products and services. This directly aligns with goals like increased organic traffic and sales. Our team crafts bespoke link building strategies, tailored to each business's niche, ensuring they receive links that drive both traffic and authority.

Backlink audit

A backlink audit involves analysing all the incoming links to a website, ensuring their quality and relevancy. By identifying and mitigating potentially harmful links, it safeguards against Google penalties. The insights from the audit can also inform the broader SEO and content strategy. For ecommerce platforms, maintaining a clean backlink profile ensures sustained search visibility and shields against sudden traffic drops. This supports objectives like steady organic growth and brand credibility. Our meticulous backlink audits stand out, ensuring ecommerce businesses maintain a pristine link profile while capitalising on every opportunity.

Internal link optimisation

Internal link optimisation involves ensuring that links within a website are structured in a way that maximises the flow of page authority and aids in user navigation. It underpins site architecture, user experience, and even content strategy. Ecommerce sites benefit as it ensures users seamlessly navigate from one product to another, boosting chances of sales and reducing bounce rates. This directly feeds into online targets like enhanced user engagement and increased average order value. Our team has a keen eye for user journey and site structure, ensuring internal links not only benefit SEO but also the end-users.

Keyword opportunity analysis

Keyword opportunity analysis entails uncovering potential keywords that a business hasn't yet targeted but could bring significant traffic and conversions. This exercise reinforces content creation, PPC campaigns, and even new product or service launches. Ecommerce ventures gain insights into emerging market trends, allowing them to introduce products or pivot marketing strategies accordingly. This is paramount for goals like tapping into new markets and staying ahead of competitors. Our deep dive into keyword opportunities ensures businesses are always a step ahead, capitalising on untapped potential and driving continual growth.

Similar services

Ecommerce SEO involves optimising an online store’s website for search engines to increase visibility and drive organic traffic. Unlike link building, which focuses on acquiring external links, ecommerce SEO encompasses on-page optimisation, site structure, and user experience. Together with link building, it creates a comprehensive SEO strategy that enhances online presence and sales.

Digital PR is the practice of enhancing a brand’s online reputation through media coverage, influencer engagement, and content promotion. While link building aims to gain backlinks for SEO, Digital PR focuses on broader brand exposure. Utilising both services in tandem amplifies brand authority, drives traffic, and supports overall online growth.

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) link building is a specific method of gaining backlinks by responding to journalist queries. Unlike traditional link building, where links are sought from various sources, HARO focuses on media opportunities. By integrating HARO with other link building tactics, businesses can secure high-quality links from authoritative publications, enhancing credibility and SEO performance.

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