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Our organic approach

  • Organic search
    You probably already know that Google changes their algorithm, so it's important to keep your website up-to-date with your SEO technique. The problem is, how can you set time aside to focus on optimising for organic search while you're running a business? This is where we swoop in.
  • Local search is an incredible place in search to rank. If you show up locally, you'll show up at the top. And the top is apparently the best place to be, but what are we, a digital marketing agency, to know? Our local SEO puts you on the map and right in front of your audience's hungry-to-buy eyes.
  • We know how to target your audience when they are in the buying mood. It’s the optimal time to boost your e-commerce site far above your competitors. When we work on finding and fixing technical issues, writing convertible content, and optimising every step your site visitors take to finalise their purchase.
  • Along with trying to rank in SERP's, comes link building. It's a tough task to carry-out, but it's one that you need because strong links equal better ranking. We promote content to people that will care, and that's how we ensure authentic link-building connections.
  • It's tough when you're stuck in a rut. When it's your business that's stuck in a stagnant growth, it's imperative to get your wheels moving again. Think of us as the petrol re-fill to start moving forward again and keep moving. We’ll find & fix the issue, then relay back to you why your conversion rates and rankings were so low.
  • Sick and tired of fighting fake or negative reviews? Frustrated by rogue search results that paint your business in a bad light? If you’ve been hit with a reputation management problem, it’s time to call Bulldog. If you’re an honest business hurt by biased or unfair online results, we’ll work closely with you to form a plan, execute on that strategy and push positive press to the top.
  • Our creative team has extensive experience in public relations, digital marketing and SEO strategies. We’ll develop a digital PR campaign for your brand that really gets people talking and positions your online assets to receive waves of organic traffic well into the future. Whether your sights are set on B2B or B2C markets, we know how to get your name out there with some serious gravity.
“As a result of our new Google rankings, we have gained more customers and seen a noticeable increase in our overall revenue. Even better, Bulldog has been monitoring the performance of our website and continually does proactive work to improve our different channels.”
Amy Cook
Business Operations Manager

More about our SEO Agency

Why should you choose Bulldog as your chosen SEO agency? We’ve been building our expertise in SEO for years and know just what it takes to rank high in search results and stay there. We favour ethical techniques for long-term success. We’re results driven and focused on achieving great returns on investment. Our team has a wealth of experience in delivering successful SEO campaigns for a range of clients.

Our SEO services are reliable and proven. You need to know what people are searching for, if you’re planning to show up in their search results. We’ll conduct comprehensive keyword & market research to identify what your target customers are searching for online and how they’re doing it. This’ll allow us to then formulate tailored tactics that’ll get your site to pop up in exactly the right places. We’ll evaluate your website's structure, its architecture & other key elements in its build that search engine algorithms look for. We’ll then recommend improvements that’ll align your site with key terms, and increase its relevance to your target market. We go over site migrations, schema and other crucial areas that play huge roles in effective SEO.

We have extensive experience in link audits & reviewing backlink profiles, so we can essentially undo the damage done by errors in your sites build to help you recover from any algorithmic penalties that may have been imposed by Google. Considered an outdated technique by many SEO experts, our version of modern link building incorporates Digital PR & outreach strategies, as well as good old-fashioned content marketing. These tools still form the backbone of awareness in the online space. Want people to know what you stand for? Then you need to turn up in the right places and communicate with your target market in a context that most appeals to them. We’ve established great relationships with a small army of publishers, journalists, bloggers and other highly influential sources across a wide variety of industries. These influencers love to connect with brands that offer something special to their audience, and we know exactly how to harness the power of their following to your advantage.

It’s no longer good enough to simply introduce yourself and sell your product or service. People are blocking out advertising more and more now, so contemporary marketing content has to be more compelling than ever before. Our team includes designers, developers & writers that are proficient at producing content that your customers actively seek and want to consume. Interactive content and infographics offer audiences vital facts and information in ways they want to receive them. We work closely with a force of clever designers, developers and creatives to produce outstanding interactive content that brings giant boosts of visibility to online brands. Search engines now understand and utilise social signals to score websites. Have a strong social presence already? We know exactly how best to take full advantage of the following you’ve built to bolster your SEO performance. Haven’t focused on your social game as much as you’d like? We have the expertise to ensure your campaigns are reinvigorated or get off to a flying start!

You don't get very far in online marketing without data. We absolutely love pulling and scouring huge volumes of data to find ways of improving your site's performance. Whether you’re hunting for loyal users, higher revenue, or pure visibility, we’ll use the latest tools to break down your site's activity and exploit the areas that’ll yield the best results. We’ll also apply our love for analysis and reports in showing you exactly how impactful our actions have been as clear as possible.
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