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Through conversion rate optimisation, your site will generate more conversions than ever before. We deep-dive into consumer behaviour to reduce your website’s conversion blockers and boost revenue as a result!

How we identify blockers and increase conversion rates

Dive deep into user insights

We immerse ourselves in data, understanding user behaviour to pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t, ensuring no stone is left unturned in our analysis.

Spot barriers, craft solutions

We identify what’s stalling conversions and meticulously plan the necessary tweaks, ensuring your site is poised for optimal performance.

Prioritised refinements, continuous reviews

We action changes based on their potential impact, ensuring utmost efficiency. Once implemented, we revisit, ensuring every adjustment hits the mark.

Conversion rate optimisation plans that boost your revenue

We’ve had data-led, exceptionally good deliverables, clear communication and nice people to work with.

Richard Tidman
Digital & E-Commerce Director

Straightforward, data-driven ecommerce solutions

We cut through the noise, delivering clear, jargon-free and data-led strategies, ensuring streamlined success.

Efficiency meets impact

We provide a clear roadmap of changes, ranking them by ease of implementation and potential effectiveness, guiding your team for maximal results.

Conversion rate optimisation services

Customer experience audit

This entails a comprehensive assessment of the entire customer journey, pinpointing pain points and areas for improvement. Great for ecommerce businesses that need a start-to -finish review of their buying journey.

Ecommerce web design

A bespoke design solution tailored to online stores, optimising visual appeal, functionality, and user experience. A must-have for businesses that need a website refresh, focusing on user experience and optimisations.

Shopify web development

Technical development on the Shopify platform, ensuring optimal performance, functionality, and security for ecommerce sites. Ideal for Shopify sites that have a design ready but need help with the implementation.

Customer behaviour analysis

A deep dive into how customers interact with your site, including their preferences, habits, and purchasing behaviours. A super solution for those wondering why their conversion rates are low.

Ecommerce UX healthcheck

An evaluation of the user experience on your ecommerce site, identifying strengths and areas of improvement. Recommended for those wondering if their site’s conversion blockers are causing low conversion rates.

Data and analytics audit

A thorough review of data collection, interpretation, and application mechanisms, ensuring they serve your business objectives. Perfect for sites that don’t have a fully equipped Google analytics setup.

Frequently asked questions

Want to learn more about how conversion rate optimisation can benefit your business? Browse through these frequently asked questions or get in touch with our team today.

CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimisation, is a systematic approach that focuses on enhancing a website’s design, content, and user experience to increase the percentage of visitors who take a desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimisation. It’s a methodology aimed at maximising the number of website visitors who convert or take desired actions on a webpage.

CRO works by using data-driven insights to make informed changes to a website. By analysing user behaviour and testing variations of web elements, businesses can identify what resonates best with their audience, subsequently refining the website to optimise conversions.

The CRO process typically begins with gathering and analysing data to understand user behaviour. This is followed by identifying potential areas for improvement, hypothesising changes, A/B testing these changes, and finally, implementing the most effective versions to enhance overall conversion rates.

Improving conversion rates can be challenging as it requires a combination of data analytics, user experience understanding, and continuous testing. However, with the right tools, expertise, and approach, meaningful improvements can be made to significantly boost conversions.

Choosing the right CRO agency involves considering their track record, expertise, tools, and methodologies. It’s crucial to select an agency that understands your business goals, has demonstrated success in similar sectors, and adopts a collaborative approach to optimisation.

CRO directly impacts ecommerce revenue by increasing the percentage of visitors who make purchases. Even minor enhancements in conversion rates can lead to significant revenue growth, especially when amplified across a large number of site visitors.

Yes, at Bulldog, we don’t just identify areas of improvement but also assist in implementing user experience changes. Our holistic approach ensures that the recommendations we make are brought to fruition, enhancing your website’s overall effectiveness and user satisfaction.

This work has been done with excellent levels of communication, transparency. Quite simply this is how I would expect a high-level agency to work!

Harman Bhamra
Head of Ecommerce

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Customer experience audit

A customer experience audit is a comprehensive review of a customer's journey across your ecommerce platform. It focuses on understanding the overall user experience, pinpointing areas of friction, and highlighting opportunities for improvement. In leading a digital strategy, this audit provides insights into how users interact with your platform and where drop-offs or pain points exist. This information can guide website redesigns and support ecommerce web design, Shopify web development, and ecommerce UX health check initiatives. Ecommerce businesses benefit by ensuring customers have a seamless experience, leading to increased loyalty and repeat purchases. Such an audit aids in achieving higher customer satisfaction and sales. Our proficiency lies in its meticulous approach, ensuring no customer touchpoint is overlooked, leading to actionable insights for brands.

Ecommerce web design

Ecommerce web design is about crafting an online storefront that's not only visually appealing but also user-friendly. A strategic design leads digital efforts by improving user engagement, reducing bounce rates, and facilitating conversions. This deliverable dovetails with Shopify web development and ecommerce UX healthcheck, ensuring a cohesive and optimised user interface. The main benefit to ecommerce businesses is an increase in conversions due to a more intuitive and attractive site layout. This directly aligns with the goal of maximising sales. We excel in creating designs that resonate with target audiences while prioritising usability.

Shopify web development

Shopify web development involves building and optimising an ecommerce store on the Shopify platform. It's used to gain results by providing a robust, scalable, and customised shopping experience. This deliverable aligns with ecommerce web design and ecommerce UX healthcheck, ensuring the platform's functionality matches its aesthetic appeal. Ecommerce businesses benefit from a reliable and tailored shopping platform that caters specifically to their needs. This service propels the goal of delivering an exceptional shopping experience leading to increased sales. Our agency stands out with its expert Shopify developers who ensure every store is both feature-rich and performance-optimised.

Customer behaviour analysis

Customer behaviour analysis is the study of how users interact with an ecommerce site. It offers insights into user preferences, habits, and pain points. By analysing this behaviour, brands can adapt their digital strategy to better align with customer needs. This analysis complements the customer experience audit and data and analytics audit by offering granular insights into user actions. For ecommerce brands, understanding customer behaviour means more tailored marketing efforts and site enhancements. This directly boosts conversion rates and sales. Our team shines in its analytical prowess, deriving actionable strategies from complex user data.

Ecommerce UX healthcheck

An ecommerce UX healthcheck is a focused evaluation of a website's user experience. It identifies areas that may deter a user from converting, like complex checkout processes or unclear navigation. This healthcheck leads digital strategy by ensuring every user interaction is smooth and logical. It is supported by and supports ecommerce web design and Shopify web development, ensuring a seamless marriage of design and functionality. Ecommerce businesses stand to gain increased conversions and customer loyalty. It advances the goal of maximising user satisfaction and, by extension, sales. Our meticulous approach ensures every potential UX hiccup is identified and addressed, ensuring brands provide a flawless shopping experience.

Data and analytics audit

A data and analytics audit reviews the tools and processes used to gather and interpret site data. It ensures the accuracy of data and its effective use in shaping digital strategies. This audit underpins customer behaviour analysis and the customer experience audit, ensuring all decisions are data-informed. Ecommerce businesses benefit by getting a clear, accurate picture of their performance metrics, guiding informed business decisions. Meeting and exceeding KPIs becomes more streamlined with accurate data. Our strength lies in its expertise in data tools and its ability to translate complex metrics into clear, strategic insights.

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This service focuses on gathering, analysing, and interpreting website and customer data to devise effective digital strategies. Different from conversion rate optimisation, which primarily aims at enhancing conversion rates, data reporting provides the insights and roadmaps to achieve that and other objectives. Together, these services ensure informed decision-making leading to improved results.

Content marketing revolves around creating and sharing valuable content to attract and engage an audience. While conversion rate optimisation refines the user journey to boost sales, content marketing nurtures and educates potential customers, fostering trust. Combined, they enhance both the reach and efficiency of an ecommerce platform.

Specifically tailored for Shopify platforms, this service enhances the online store’s visibility in search engine results. Unlike conversion rate optimisation that refines the onsite experience, Shopify SEO drives organic traffic to the site. When used in tandem, more visitors arrive on an optimised platform, maximising sales opportunities.

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