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PPC - The number one strategy to increase
site traffic and explosive conversion rates

If you want to drive a steady stream of qualified,
buy-ready leads - paid ads are the one for you.

We understand the importance of quality traffic and conversions, having a genius PPC campaign is crucial to achieving these. You’ll also make a better return on investment (ROI) if you carry out your PPC strategy to faultlessness. It’s not easy, though. However, our PPC team of experts have the skills to create you a PPC campaign that kicks any other agencies out the park. We are confident that our agency experts can deliver you robust, long-term strategies that'll gain you the results you deserve.

Our PPC services

  • Paid search ads are incredibly powerful when it comes to driving a stable stream of qualified leads. Which is precisely what your site needs. The PPC team are experienced with paid search ads; it's one of the services they do every day, so you can trust that they really do know how to target the right audience for you.
  • As a business, you know how important it is to be cost-effective. Our PPC team know the ins-and-outs of creating profitable paid social ads that are targeted to your specific audience. Our paid social ads can offer a world of benefits for your business, including social engagement, compelled traffic to your site and action-driven copy.
  • With an effective retargeting campaign in place, you can identify these lost visitors, engage with them, and turn a good chunk of them back into valuable customers. Why go through all that effort to attract loads of potential customers to your site, just to have as much as 90% of them turn away without a trace? Retargeting with Adroll gives you the chance to continue chasing these leads, which means higher conversion rates, higher revenue, and more long-term users.
  • If you’re selling products online, and you’re not listing them on Google shopping, you’re missing out on a huge channel for sales. Already using Google Shopping but not getting the results you want? We’ve been successfully adding products to this powerful channel for years and can help ensure your Google shopping listings deliver the sales they deserve.

Working with us

PPC includes remarketing techniques to capture those who have previously shown interest in your business but have not yet turned into a lead. We say ‘yet’ because with us working on your PPC, they will convert, there’s no doubt about it. Our PPC service will give you a better return on investment, strong long-term strategies, genius remarketing, enticing Microsoft Ads, engagement-magnetising Social media ads, PPC reviews and audits, and Google shopping. Surely a PPC campaign can’t get any more in-depth? It turns out it can become much more complicated, just take a look at our upgrade.

New keyword builds – High-End product focus, Advanced A/B Split Testing of Ad Copy, Market research including competitor analysis, Demographic targeting and audience review, Dynamic Search Ads, Additional Account Management resources, Google Scripts to help drive better performance and reporting. We even build high-converting campaigns that are accompanied by beautiful, eye-catching landing pages.

With your personal account manager, you will be able to contact us whenever you want either by emailing your account manager or calling us. They will be wholly dedicated to working with you on your campaign. In addition to this, we also have the bulldog reporting app that you can check on-the-go. This app has all the information you’ll need to find out how well your campaign is doing. The Bulldog team is made up of confident experts that understand what it takes to create and perform your digital marketing campaign, to get the results your business deserves. With bulldog, you’re never left in the dark.
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