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With an effective retargeting campaign in place, you can identify these lost visitors, engage with them, and turn a good chunk of them back into valuable customers. Why go through all that effort to attract loads of potential customers to your site, just to have as much as 90% of them turn away without a trace? Retargeting with Adroll gives you the chance to continue chasing these leads, which means higher conversion rates, higher revenue, and more long-term users.
If you want to drive a steady stream of qualified, buy-ready leads, paid ads are an insanely powerful platform - but only if you use them well. Our PPC experts in London, Essex, Manchester and Australia know how to reach exactly the right audience, and can make sure your budget isn’t being wasted on clicks that will never convert. We take care of everything - from the account set up and optimisation, to in-depth keyword research and writing the ads themselves. And because ROI is all you care about, we’re constantly split-testing to minimise cost per click and maximise conversions.
Who doesn’t want a cost-effective, ultra-targeted way to get in front of prospects and drive them to action? Social ads are the way to get it done. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and LinkedIn, our team of PPC experts knows exactly how to reach your audience (no matter how niche) and hit them with an offer they won’t be able to scroll past. Not only that, but we can write, design, and split-test your ads in-house to find the format that works best—no need to hire three different vendors.
Whether you’re running an ad campaign, promoting a new offer, or driving leads to a downloadable asset, you can’t afford to leave conversions to chance. And with Bulldog, you won’t be. We write, design, and develop beautiful landing pages with irresistible copy and clear calls to action, all under one roof. As the traffic comes rolling in, our conversion optimisation experts continually tweak, edit and optimise the page to ensure you’re capturing as many qualified leads as possible. We’re the team businesses trust when conversions really count.
Infographics are click, link, and lead magnets. Smart businesses like Hi-Tec and Cezanne already know this is the truth—especially because they’ve seen how strong the links, shares, and traffic driven by these stunning visual assets can be. Our infographic designers combine timely, relevant content with eye-catching design to create content pieces you’ll be proud to share, with results your competitors will be jealous of.
If you’re selling products online, and you’re not listing them on Google shopping, you’re missing out on huge channel for sales. Already using Google Shopping but not getting the results you want? We’ve been successfully adding products to this powerful channel for years and can help ensure your Google shopping listings deliver the sales they deserve.
Your customers have pains, needs, and questions you can answer better than anybody else. We help you create and promote content that lines up perfectly with what they’re after. Content that earns links and drives engagement—even in a crowded niche. Don’t be another “me-too” brand in an ocean of boring content: stand out with well-written pieces and stunning visuals that put you miles ahead of your competition in the minds of your audience. With our content team in your corner, you’ll turn visitors into paying customers, and customers into loyal fans. Without beautiful content, what would you use to engage your target audience; or convince a website visitor to convert; how would you market your service or product; or transform a dull set of information into a mind-boggling engagement-enticing infographic?
You’ve worked hard to get traffic to your site - but what if it’s not turning into sales? With Bulldog, all of your marketing and advertising won’t go to waste. Our conversion rate experts are brilliant at finding and fixing issues in copy, design, onboarding, and more so that you can capture more leads and secure more sales. It’s creative problem-solving, and you’ll love seeing how your conversion rates multiply once we’re through.
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"Bulldog Digital Media was an easy choice for us to make and one we have not regretted! With their fantastic and creative infographics that showcased their skill and workmanship and a vast amount of outreach possibilities and options across markets, including content syndication - we were able to connect and interact more with our potential player base and further grow our opportunities."
Elsebeth Hansen Organic Acquisition Manager
"As a result of our new Google rankings, we have gained more customers and seen a noticeable increase in our overall revenue. Even better, Bulldog has been monitoring the performance of our website and continually does proactive work to improve our different channels."
Amy Cook Business Operations Manager
"The results have been excellent, as can be seen by huge improvements in ROI for PPC. Organic results are also improving thanks to insightful and commercially viable suggestions to improve the quality of traffic."
Harman Bhamra Head of E-commerce
"Bulldog are a young, dynamic and vibrant agency that have increased sales through an SEO and PPC campaign with a huge return on investment."
Marc Business Development Manager
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We are certified Google Premier Partners; we are accredited partners due to our professional accredited PPC account managers. We pride ourselves that every campaign is thoroughly tested and analysed by one of our PPC experts.