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We use proven search marketing methods to rank your site, drive more traffic, and grow your business.

Digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes

Elevating the online visibility for OTO CBD’s online store by infusing the right dose of content, SEO and backlink acquisition.

Extending digital reach with publication links and solid digital PR, ensuring Cliphair’s online presence is a cut above the rest.

Boosting online vitality with content and backlink acquisition that supplements Vitabiotics’ product pages.

Mixing up Drinkstuff’s online ads to serve a refreshing increase in sales across Google, Bing, and Amazon.

Services designed for growth

SEO strategies that boost organic revenue

Our distinctive SEO services focus on enhancing your brand’s visibility through optimised pages, engaging content and sound technical perfection. We meticulously craft content that is not only rich in value but also optimised to drive more traffic. We lay the groundwork for a robust SEO strategy, eliminating technical errors, analysing current pages and finding new organic opportunities ensuring your website’s foundation is nothing short of perfect.

At Bulldog, we’re not just your digital marketing agency; we’re your partner in online growth. With us, you’re one step closer to becoming an online powerhouse. Here’s what you get from our SEO services: 

✅    Tried and tested strategies.
✅    Regular reporting with access to leading SEO tools and a dedicated account manager.
✅    Jargon-free, data-led and transparent deliverables that drive growth.

PPC services that turn clicks into customers

It takes a lot of planning and expertise to run a successful PPC campaign. Our highly experienced paid search specialists know what it takes to build a profitable paid marketing strategy, whether it be starting from scratch or adjusting existing campaigns. We ensure the right goals are in place, such as CPA (cost per acquisition), ROAS (return on ad spend), and revenue so every campaign can succeed. 

With Google Ads, we’ll help you tap into the world’s largest search engine, putting your products right in front of consumers actively seeking what you offer. In Google Shopping and Amazon Ads, we ensure your products shine among the competition, driving more clicks and conversions. At Bulldog, we’re not just managing your PPC campaigns; we’re your allies in carving out a successful journey.

✅    Accreditations & partnerships in all ad platforms.
✅    Early access to new ad features & fast-tracked solutions.
✅    Monthly, jargon-free specific live data reporting.

Utilising the power of digital PR & reliable link building

Our robust link-building strategies comprise multiple techniques. We create high-quality, relevant links that boost your site’s visibility, connecting your online brand with the rest of the web. Backlink acquisition works perfectly with our SEO strategies to ensure your site becomes a preferred destination for users and search engines alike. 

Our Digital PR services take this a step further. We utilise our deep connections with influencers, bloggers, and media outlets to garner high-quality, organic links and brand mentions. This not only builds a robust link profile but also reinforces your brand image in the digital landscape.

✅    Risk-free PR, only pay for links when they’re live!
✅    High-quality, ten metric spot-checked relevant links.
✅    No duplicate links built on your backlink profile.

Convert better, drive lifetime value & stay at the forefront of customers

Through our expertly designed email marketing campaigns, we aim to drive lifetime customer value, turning one-time shoppers into loyal advocates. We harness the power of personalised messaging, segment targeting, and automation to ensure your audience always gets the right message at the right time.

When it comes to CRO, our mission is clear: turn more of your website visitors into paying customers. We employ a meticulous audit covering every part of the user journey that includes user experience improvements, persuasive copywriting and conversion blockers to boost your conversion rates. 

✅    Klaviyo ecommerce email marketing partners.
✅    Jargon-free CRO and UX audit with prioritised action points.
✅    Main KPI live tracking with access to our whole team of experts.

Specialist ecommerce marketing for Shopify, WooCommerce & BigCommerce

Your expert partner for propelling growth on leading ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. We dive deep into the unique features and capabilities of Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, enabling us to exploit their potential to the fullest and deliver success for your ecommerce business.

What truly sets Bulldog apart is our proven track record. We’ve achieved impressive results for clients across these platforms, and we’re ready to do the same for you. With Bulldog, you’re not just getting a digital marketing agency – you’re partnering with proven platform-specific experts.

✅   Shopify agency partners with extensive training.
✅   Experience with platform tools and plugins to grow your site. 
✅   Platform-specific development partners.

Partnerships made for online growth

You will have access to partnerships and connections that lead to great opportunities – across all channels of online marketing.

Boost your marketing knowledge with our guides, featured across the internet

Our team of digital marketing go-getters

Founded in 2013, our agency brings over a decade of expertise to the digital marketing area, working with a diverse array of online businesses, from local startups to renowned global brands. Our commitment to being transparent stands at the forefront of our operations, ensuring that we deliver not just results, but results you can trust. Our dynamic team, proficient in Digital PR, SEO, and content creation, embodies our core values by continually embracing opportunities for learning and development.


Flexible marketing

We can adapt spending and strategies throughout the year, ensuring optimal alignment with your evolving business needs and market conditions.


Transparent talk

Our reporting is jargon-free and clear, providing actionable deliverables that help grow your online business.


Personal touch

Our Head of Client Services leads communication, with strategy development input from all experts in our marketing departments.


Experienced team

Over the years, we’ve perfected our services to offer effective strategies and a streamlined process that makes collaborating with our agency effortless.

Our digital marketing approach


Unpacking your digital marketing dilemmas

Our Head of Client Services, Lee, will initiate an initial discussion to explore your online challenges. You can pose any pressing questions during this session and share your aspirations. We aim to fully understand your needs through specific inquiries, such as the results you hope to achieve, your ideal traits in a marketing partner, your past marketing ventures, and your budgets. This conversation sets the foundation for our next step.


Mapping out your marketing strategy

Once we understand your goals, our team will develop a detailed proposal that outlines a strategic plan tailored to them. We will walk you through this proposal, clarifying the strategy and outlining our transparent pricing. This will also include a timeline for the project. We encourage feedback and questions during this phase, allowing us to fine-tune our approach before getting started, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your expectations.


Progress, performance and check-ins

With the strategy in place, our team begins the hands-on work. Throughout the execution, we maintain open lines of communication, providing you with monthly reports that detail the work completed, goal progress, and any noteworthy developments. As we stay flexible, we allow for timely adjustments and continual alignment with your marketing goals.


Proactive strategy tweaks

Every six months, we conduct an internal review of our client’s marketing strategies, from basic services like link building to comprehensive digital marketing plans. This evaluation helps us assess the effectiveness of our efforts and the progress made toward your goals. Following the review, we present our findings and suggest any necessary adjustments to improve the strategy, ensuring continuous progress and success in meeting your goals.

Common marketing questions

Digital marketing encompasses a broad range of strategies used to reach customers online. It includes SEO, which enhances website visibility in search engine results; content marketing, which involves creating valuable content to attract and engage audiences; and backlink acquisition through digital PR and link building to increase a site’s authority. Additionally, PPC advertising, such as social media ads and Google Ads, allows businesses to drive immediate traffic through targeted campaigns.

Bulldog operates across a diverse range of industries. Our clients come from various sectors including pharmaceuticals, ecommerce, B2B, casino gaming, and other marketing agencies. By adopting a flexible approach, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of any business looking to achieve significant online growth, regardless of their industry.

At Bulldog, we understand the complexity of managing a business and adapt our digital marketing strategies to suit diverse needs and outcomes. For clients seeking immediate results with sufficient budgets, we often recommend starting with Google Ads to generate quick traffic and conversions. Subsequently, we integrate SEO, content creation, and backlink acquisition for sustained long-term outcomes. 

The choice of strategy is deeply influenced by your current online authority and the specific goals they aim to achieve, such as enhancing domain authority, boosting organic traffic, accelerating online sales, achieving a targeted return on ad spend, launching new products, or entering new markets.

The timeframe for seeing results from digital marketing efforts varies significantly depending on the chosen strategies and business goals. In our initial consultation, we discuss these timelines in detail to set realistic expectations. For PPC campaigns, results can start appearing within one to two months as the ads begin to gain traction. 

However, organic strategies such as SEO typically require three to twelve months to manifest, influenced by factors like the website’s age, existing online foundation, and the level of investment in ongoing digital marketing activities. For a more tailored estimate of when you might see results, get in touch with us to discuss.

The selection of digital marketing services depends significantly on your specific business goals. For instance, if immediate visibility and traffic are required, PPC campaigns on Google or social media platforms might be ideal. 

For long-term organic growth, a robust SEO and content marketing strategy would be beneficial. Businesses aiming to enhance customer engagement and retention might find value in advanced email marketing campaigns and conversion rate optimisation. 

Understanding your market position, competitive landscape, and customer behaviour is crucial in selecting the right mix of services. We recommend getting in touch with our team to discuss your specific objectives, which will help us tailor the most effective strategy for your needs.

The cost of digital marketing varies depending on the scope and scale of the services you require. At Bulldog, we operate with a transparent pricing model based on a fixed hourly fee across all departments. This approach ensures that we provide value and effective strategies tailored to each client’s needs and budget constraints. For a detailed quote and to understand how our pricing fits within your budget, please contact us directly.

We distinguish ourselves through flexibility and a personable approach. Unlike many agencies, we provide direct access to our senior team members rather than routing you through assistants. Whether you are working on digital PR or PPC, you will directly interact with our department managers. 

This ensures that all communications are straightforward and your needs are thoroughly understood and addressed. Our commitment extends beyond just delivering services; we adapt strategies as your business needs evolve, whether that involves entering new markets, adjusting to seasonal shifts, or scaling different aspects of your marketing efforts. 

We pride ourselves on providing clear, jargon-free reporting and honest communication, ensuring a transparent and productive relationship with each client.

Digital marketing is a dynamic field that frequently encounters challenges ranging from evolving content guidelines to shifting backlink benchmarks. At Bulldog, we stay ahead by continuously adapting our strategies to align with current industry standards and search engine algorithms. 

We consider all factors including brand guidelines, competition, and regulatory benchmarks to deliver effective and compliant marketing strategies. We take a proactive approach which allows us to anticipate potential obstacles and implement solutions that ensure seamless marketing performance, keeping your campaigns effective and aligned with your business objectives.

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