Bulldog Digital Media are officially Facebook Marketing Partners!

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Bulldog Digital Media are officially Facebook Marketing Partners!

You may have noticed that we’ve been attending a lot of Facebook events recently. Although we grab any opportunity to attend an insightful event with both hands, there’s been something really special about these Facebook ones, as they’re only available for Facebook Marketing Partners… if you get our gist.

Bulldog and facebook partners logo

That’s right – you are now looking at Bulldog Digital Media; an agency in partnership with Facebook!

First presentation slide from facebooks agency day

To give you more of an insight into the Facebook Marketing Partnership and our personal experiences so far with it, we felt it’d be beneficial to tie everything together here.

What is a Facebook Marketing Partnership?

Facebook Marketing Partners are recognised for their excellence, meaning having the title is enough to say “Hey, I know my stuff and I’m pretty damn good at what I do”.

When an agency becomes a Facebook Marketing Partner, they get access to a whole range of benefits which can’t be found elsewhere. This includes:

📈 Analytics tools and reports
📚 Stacks of resources for best practices
💪🏼 Training to enhance Facebook knowledge
⛑️ Ongoing support
📅 Events to drive business success
✅ Recognition for being a verified partner

Only a select few meet the criteria to qualify for these benefits, so it’s safe to say that we’re feeling pretty confident about applying everything we learn to our clients campaigns.

How does this partnership benefit our clients?

To put it simply, this partnership will provide us with agency-specific resources, tools and support; all with the aim of accelerating client success. This means that we’re becoming more knowledgeable as each day passes; striving to deliver only the best insights and services for present and future clients. It’s all very exciting.

Wait, there’s more! Facebook are using us for inspiration

Our savvy design team recently created an epic animation to use within one of our clients Facebook Ad campaigns. The Facebook team absolutely loved the animation from start to finish and are now using it internally as a source of inspiration and best practice. How epic is that?!

It’s really exciting to see all of our hard work get recognised and go towards something so awesome. We can’t wait to watch our team grow from strength to strength as they dive deep into all of Facebook’s partnership offerings. And, of course, if you’d like a team of Facebook Marketing Partners to work their magic on your Social Ads campaign – get in touch.