Digital marketing roundup: September 2019 - Bulldog

Digital marketing roundup: September 2019

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Digital marketing roundup: September 2019

See what content caught our attention throughout the month of September! From Google updates to link building guides, you’ll be sure to find some useful insights here. Drumroll, please…

What to do when something goes wrong

Man stepping in chewing gum

Chosen by: Lee Dobson, Senior Account Manager

You can’t go wrong with a bit of team motivation – it didn’t take long for this blog post on owning mistakes by Seer Interactive to get sent around the office. Within this post, Kevin Rutter takes an honest approach to mistake-making and all that comes with it. The truth is, everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Whether it’s in personal life or on an important client campaign; it happens.

If you want to learn how to tackle mistakes and turn them into lessons, be sure to check out this post.

New ways to identify the nature of links

Chosen by: Buzz Carter, Head of Outreach

Google announced some interesting changes to the nature of links earlier in the month. The above tweet snippet is pretty self-explanatory, but if you would like some more information, check out this article. All of these changes will be put in place by March 2020, so be sure to get a grip on how they will affect you.

How consumer needs shape search behaviour and drive intent

The six consumer needs in colourful boxes

Chosen by: Alex Snell, Account Manager

The world of search is changing, there’s no doubt about that. Search engines are becoming smarter, and the way we search is becoming more demanding. Justin De Graaf (Head of Ads Research and Insights at Google) put together a really interesting article about how consumer needs shape search behaviour and drive intent. Justin explained that recent research found that behaviour is driven by six needs (see the above image). Pretty epic, right? Learn more here.

Seasonality adjustments are now available on Google Ads

Definition of seasonality adjustments with animation of woman on laptop

Chosen by: Nick Higgins, PPC Executive

We’re starting this month’s roundup with some good news for all the paid search specialists out there! Ginny Marvin (Editor-in-Chief at Three Door Media) wrote an update on Search Engine Journal, explaining that Google Ad’s seasonality adjustments are now available for Search and Display campaigns. That’s right – you can now inform Google about expected conversion rate changes.

This concept was previewed at Google Marketing Live in May, so it’s great to see that it’s finally coming to life. Check out all of the latest insights regarding this seasonality feature here.

Frustrating SEO problems


Chosen by: Gareth Bull, Founder

As mentioned previously, the world of search is always changing. Although this makes the industry a very exciting one to be in, it does mean that all of us SEO’s are bound to face a few hiccups along the way. Suganthan Mohanadasan has put together this extensive guide on frustrating SEO problems, and we recommend referring to it whenever you face an issue. From searches offering zero-click results to Google ignoring your meta description; this guide will have you covered.

On-page SEO for e-commerce guide

Title image: a guide to onpage seo for ecommerce websites

Chosen by: Dave Cable, Head of Operations

On-page SEO can be complicated – the tiniest tweaks can make a world of difference! Due to the whole process being pretty overwhelming, having a checklist full of action points will be sure to help you out. And, thanks to Sergey Grybniak (Founder of, you now have a guide which covers exactly that! Find out more here.

Spotify Wrapped: 2018

Spotify wrapped 2018 animations

Chosen by: Ryan Keeble, Design & Marketing Assistant

Okay – we might be a bit late to the game with this final article, but we couldn’t help but share it. If you’re a big Spotify fan, then it’s likely that you tried out their ‘Spotify Wrapped’ tool at the end of 2018. This tool was awesome – it summarised your listening activity from the year, diving deep into your habits and favourite tunes.

We recently stumbled across this article, which unravels the technology and techniques used to make Spotify Wrapped such a success. Spotify has always been on-the-ball with its brand image, and the behind-the-scenes work from this particular feature was phenomenal.