How Your eCommerce Business Can Boost Conversions With QR Code Retargeting

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If you are an eCommerce business looking to re-engage your customers, you are in luck!

Using a QR code, you can retarget potential customers who have left your website without completing a purchase. There can be many reasons for inaction and while figuring out the “why” is important, time is of the essence as out of sight means out of mind and loss of business.

Read on to learn why eCommerce businesses should leverage QR codes retargeting, how and where to place them, and the top five tools you can use for QR code retargeting.

Why your eCommerce business needs QR code retargeting:

QR code retargeting is a retargeting strategy that leverages QR codes. 

By printing QR codes on offline or online destinations, your eCommerce business can make its product pages, promotions, or other relevant content easily accessible to your consumers.

When users scan your QR code, it signals an active expression of interest in the offers associated with it, giving you valuable data to create highly targeted retargeting campaigns and increase conversion.

How an eCommerce business can use QR codes for retargeting:

Unsure of where you can leverage a QR code for retargeting? Here are some ideas:

  • eCommerce website: Your online store or product pages are a good destination for QR code placement. These QR codes can be used by your audience to check out your website on their mobile store or you can simply redirect them to your app store where your target prospects can download your eCommerce app.
  • Social media: QR codes can also be placed on your social media channel in the form of a static or carousel post. For example, eCommerce businesses selling footwear, clothing, cutlery, or other items can easily create a carousel post featuring their products with the end slide image featuring a “buy our product” CTA and a QR code linking to the product page.
  • Print your QR codes on physical materials: Your eCommerce businesses can make its product pages, promotions, or other relevant content easily accessible to your consumers by printing QR codes on product packaging, flyer templates, posters, or even store displays.

Top Five Tools You Can Use for QR Code Retargeting:

Use these five QR code retargeting tools to warm your cold leads and boost conversions:


Used and trusted by over 50,000 businesses including Pepsi, Revlon, Deloitte, Toyota, NY Times, and others, Uniqode offers a complete QR Code lifecycle management & analytics solution.

You can use their QR codes for retargeting, building relationships, and growing lifetime revenue.

Here’s why you should use Uniqode for QR Retargeting:

  • Trackable, editable, QR codes: Did your marketing team make a copy error or are the links in your landing page not working? No problem. You don’t have to repost or reprint – you can simply change the URL at the backend. 
  • Measure campaign performance with scan analytics: You can easily track the number of visitors getting diverted to your eCommerce business using Uniqode’s analytic dashboard.
  • 18+ codes, limitless customisations: Connect your audience directly to your website, social media, or feedback form – the power is yours.
  • Create thousands of QR Codes in seconds. Use API to automate all QR Code operations.


Scanova QR Code Generator is another tool you can use for customer retargeting. 

Trusted by companies like Walmart, AON Hewitt, CISCO, Amazon, Johnson & JohnsonHP, Levi’s, Hike, and other prominent brands, Scanova is used by many businesses, including eCommerce businesses today for creating, designing, managing and tracking QR Codes for promotional activities.

Here’s why you should use Scanova for QR Retargeting:

  • Branded QR codes: With every QR code looking identical to each other, Scanova helps your eCommerce business stand out through its personalised QR Codes. Attract more scans from your target audience by design differentiation and better visual appeal.
  • Lead generation & tracking: Generate high-converting leads from the offline world by diverting your target audience to your landing page with each Dynamic QR Code. You can create custom forms, export leads, or directly integrate with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services.

QR Tiger

QR TIGER is an advanced QR creator that allows you to customise your QRs and track valuable customer data. You can create dynamic QR codes for URLs, files, vCards, and Multi URLs.

Here’s why you should use QR-Code Tiger for QR Retargeting:

  • Dynamic QR codes: Similar to Uniqode and Scanova, QR codes generated through QR-Code Tiger can be easily customised and destination links changed, meaning that there is no such thing as a wrong campaign. You can easily make edits on the backend!
  • Smart tagging & retargeting: What makes this company unique is it offers you the opportunity to integrate your campaigns with Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel ID. Connect with any software via Hubspot, Zapier, and more.
  • Direct users to multiple product pages: Using the company’s Multi-URL QR code, you can easily embed and redirect your target customers to multiple links including specific product pages where you want your users to empty the cart and make a purchase
  • Android & iOS compatible: If you have a phone app version for your eCommerce store, QR Tiger is the QR retargeting tool for you! What makes it truly unique is that it automatically links to the correct app store or Play Store link.


Canva is a favourite for business owners through and through. This tool is perfect for you if you’re operating on a low marketing budget.

Here’s why you should use Canva for QR Retargeting:

  • Create dynamic QR codes: Powered by Hovercode, you can now customise your QR codes by adding a logo, border, brand colour, and more – all without leaving Canva!
  • QR Tiger integration: Create advanced, engaging, and beautiful QR codes in QR TIGER and upload them to Canva. This pair-up is compelling for business owners as they can easily design their code in one tool and upload it to a creative on anothe

QR Code Generator PRO

Offered by Bitly, the QR Code Generator PRO is a niche tool that is used to generate different types of QR Codes.

Here’s why you should use QR Code Generator PRO for QR Retargeting:

  • Next-gen QR Codes: Create built-in landing pages.
  • Full customisation: You can design a unique QR Code with your brand’s logo and colours —no design knowledge or coding is needed.
  • Actionable insights: Using this tool, you can see the results of your campaign in real-time. Moreover you can also track who is scanning your QR Codes and how they’re engaging with your eCommerce store, helping you personalise your campaigns.
  • Bulk create links: Another feature is that you can create hundreds of QR Codes with the bulk creation feature and enjoy unlimited scans from your potential customers. 

What Next?

To conclude, QR code retargeting is a potent strategy for eCommerce businesses to re-engage customers and drive conversions. QR codes seamlessly connect offline and online interactions, capturing vital data on user interest. You can use this data to fuel targeted retargeting campaigns, thereby increasing conversion rates. 

Leveraging QR code retargeting tools like Uniqode, Scanova, QR Tiger, Canva, and QR Code Generator PRO allows you to optimise campaign effectiveness. This goes on to prove that the strategic placement of QR codes across channels and businesses can help you harness the power of retargeting to nurture leads, boost conversions, and sustain growth in the digital realm

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